Clear transparent anti-fall phone case iPhone 12/13/14 series

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พลาสติก อุปกรณ์เสริมอื่น ๆ หลากหลายสี - Clear transparent anti-fall phone case iPhone 12/13/14 series


**If the option you want to buy is out of stock, welcome to send us a message and we will assist you in placing orders based on stock availability.** **※The transparent case itself does not include a lanyard, which needs to be purchased separately.** **【Installation video】** 🔎**[Product Content]**: Standard color matching, cannot assist in replacing the contents ●Transparent: Fully transparent mobile phone case + black lens frame + transparent button ●Smoke gray model: smoke gray mobile phone case + black lens frame + black button ●Lanyard set: 1 lanyard, 3 colors of hanging rings (black/white/grey) (2 pcs/group), 1 adjusting buckle. Only available with clear case. **[lanyard color]** **Cosmic Blue** **Silk Orange** **Dawn Gray** **Green grass** **Starry Night Black** **Clear Water Ash** **[Clear transparent mobile phone case lifetime yellowing warranty]** Judgment criteria: Under a pure white fluorescent lamp, place the phone case on a completely white A4 paper and take a photo to check the degree of yellowing. 1. Only for use with Clear transparent mobile phone cases (excluding related accessories, such as buttons, lanyards and lanyard rings, etc.) 2. Only available on the official website and directly operated stores. 3.Clear transparent mobile phone cases are covered by a lifetime yellowing warranty if they become yellowed or damaged. 4. No need to register in advance, the warranty service will be activated immediately after the order is placed. 5. The original proof of purchase must be provided (original, photocopy, and electronic file are accepted).**Please be sure to keep a screenshot of the proof of purchase (must include the order number) to facilitate subsequent application for warranty exchange** 6. The consumer will bear the return shipping fee for warranty replacement, and Rhino Shield will bear the shipping fee for new products. 7. If the product is stained, dirty (including printing ink loss) and appearance is damaged due to personal use, it is not covered by the warranty. 8. Only the same product can be exchanged. If the product line of this model is sold out, it cannot be accepted or replaced with other products, and returns and refunds cannot be accepted. 9. All purchase sources are accepted, and you can go to the official customer service form to apply for warranty services. ❓**【Product Q&A】** Q1: Can Clear transparent mobile phone cases be wrapped/installed with back stickers? A1: Not recommended. Because the Clear transparent phone case has a strong covering power, if the phone body is covered with film or a back sticker is installed, additional thickness will be added, which will directly affect the installation and removal of the phone case. - Q2: Can the Clear mobile phone case be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol? A2: Yes. It is recommended to use ordinary pure water wet wipes to wipe simple dirt. If disinfection is required, it is recommended to use diluted 75% alcohol. - Q3: Will the Clear mobile phone case turn yellow or be stained? A3: Clear transparent mobile phone cases can achieve excellent yellowing resistance under SGS's strict yellowing test. Therefore, it can effectively resist yellowing and discoloration under normal daily use conditions. At the same time, the surface of the mobile phone case is treated with a stain-resistant process to avoid staining. - Q4: Does Clear mobile phone case also contain no endocrine disrupting substance "Bisphenol A (BPA)"? A4: Yes. We use higher specification materials and improve product design to achieve BPA-free and even thinner single materials. Clear has also been tested by SGS and no endocrine disrupting substances such as BPA/BPF/BPS were detected. - Q5: How to install and remove the Clear transparent mobile phone case? A5: When installing the mobile phone case, it is recommended to install it into the mobile phone case from the side of the volume button first. Then press the remaining two corners to complete the installation. When disassembling the phone case, first select one of the upper corners of the phone and move it from the front to the back. (It is recommended to remove the two corners in half first, and then slowly remove them alternately left and right) - Q6: Can the Clear mobile phone case be used with a 3D full screen protector? A6: Yes. The Rhino Shield phone case is compatible with most full screen protectors on the market. However, because there are many brands on the market and the design coverage of each brand is different, the actual installation results still need to be based on the actual installation results. - Q7: Can the Rhino Shield phone case be used with Magsafe and wireless charger? A7: After testing, all Rhino Shield mobile phone cases can support the wireless charging function of Apple Magsafe and original chargers. However, because there are many types of charging disk products on the market, if you are currently using a sub-factory charging disk product, you must still base it on actual usage. - Q8: Can the lanyard of Clear transparent mobile phone case be matched with other mobile phone cases? A8: No. Mod NX, CrashGuard NX, and SolidSuit are not compatible with the lanyards and rings of the Clear transparent phone case. 💡**【A little reminder】** ▴Avoid placing it together with hard objects ▴Avoid wiping with excessive force **【Notes】**👇🏻 ⚠️This product is a plastic consumable product. It may be scratched, stained (yellow stained), and damaged due to personal use. It is not covered by the return and exchange regulations. Please use it with care. ⚠️Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully before use. Improper installation methods may cause damage to the appearance of the phone case. ⚠️Like other protective products, all RhinoShield protective case and film products will sacrifice themselves to protect the phone. Therefore, when you find that the product is obviously deformed by impact or severely worn, it is recommended that you stop using it and replace it with a new product.


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▲End yellowing ▲No water ripples ▲No oil after long use ▲Exceeds military fall standards ▲Scratch resistant ▲Heightened edges ▲High transparency ▲Slim and lightweight ▲No bisphenol A (BPA), no plasticizer ▲Food grade material standards


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