|Add-on purchase|-Embroidery characters-Chinese, English, Japanese and foreign languages*Not sold separately. Only available for add-on purchases*

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งานปัก ภาพวาดบุคคล - |Add-on purchase|-Embroidery characters-Chinese, English, Japanese and foreign languages*Not sold separately. Only available for add-on purchases*


| Customized Plus Purchase| Embroidered Words| | ♡ The first choice for gifts♡ | Let hand-embroidered words pass your love! ▌ ◊ Content◊ ▌ ⚘ English | 15 letters are 1 unit, less than 15 letters are counted as 15 letters, for example: Wish all the best wishes for you. A total of 27 letters, 2 units, please place an order quantity of 2 ⚘ Chinese | Chinese 5 characters are 1 unit, less than 5 letters are counted as 5 letters, for example: best wishes, a total of 8 letters, 2 units, please place an order quantity of 2 ⚘ Other languages | Quoted according to actual situation ▌ ◊ Specifications◊ ▌ ◈ Font | Designer by layout ◈ Size | 0.5 x 0.5 cm ◈ Embroidery range | 1 x 10 cm, depending on the actual typesetting ⟡ For special needs, please communicate with the designer first ▌ ◊ Order process◊ ▌ ❶ Please private message the content you want to make and the color you like, and please provide 1-3 clear frontal photos of your face! ❁You can embroider by providing daily photos or wedding photos, and you can communicate with the designer. Please provide contextual elements to refer to the scene context, so as to facilitate the designer's design and production. ❷ After receiving the above materials, the designer will discuss the details with you and provide a quotation ❸ After completing the payment, the designer will provide the first draft based on the photos and discussion content, and only minor adjustments can be made to the first draft that has been drawn! (If the adjustment range is large or the number of revisions is more than one time, the modification fee will be charged separately), that is, embroidery production! ❹ This product is handmade and made by the designer in the order of the order (about 15-30 days, excluding holidays), please be patient! ▌ ⚑ Must read before ordering ⚑ ▌ | ◖ Be sure to read and accept before ordering◗ | ⟡ If you have special size and needs, please private message and discuss with the designer! ⟡ Urgent (additional rush fee) and designated arrival date, please private message and discuss with the designer first! ⟡ If there is a demand for electronic files, an additional production fee will be charged! ⟡ The designer's creative style is freehand and non-realistic, presented with simple lines, and does not guarantee 100% the same charm! ⟡ The hand-embroidered and hand-painted first drafts will not be exactly the same! ⟡ Manual measurement, there is a slight error of ±1cm, please know! ⟡ The above dimensions and styles are subject to modification in this store, subject to the actual shipment! ⟡ The products in this store are all artificially prepared, and there are inevitably some flaws! ⟡ All products are taken in kind, as close as possible to the real product, there may still be a slight color difference! ⟡ This brand responds to environmental protection and uses secondary packaging. If you mind, you can buy a separate box at the store! ⟡ Riqingyuan's handmade works retain the copyright of embroidery paintings and creations. ⟡ The finished product will be displayed on the platform. If you don't want to make it public or it can be made public after a certain date, please let us know first! ⟡ After the order is established, it is deemed to confirm the above specifications, no refund, no exchange, no cancellation! ⟡ The above small warnings, please think carefully before placing an order! ⚮ ❁ More works by Ri Qingyuan ❁ ⚮ IG / FB / Shopee ☞︎☞︎ chinclearday


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❁Riqingyuan handmade ☞︎Customized embroidery series, add embroidery characters, a variety of colors for you to choose! ❁One stitch and one line of pure hand embroidery are customized designs for you, only this one, to add texture and memory to gifts. ❁Please ask first, confirm the order content before placing the order.


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