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วัสดุอื่นๆ การ์ดงานแต่ง หลากหลายสี - Additional purchase area around Xiyanhui


▶ Postcard Generally, four postcards are included with the purchase of portraits If it is not enough, you can buy more, one portrait can buy up to two additional postcards at a time The size is A6 size 10.5*14.8 cm It is normal for the printing factory to manually cut the position of each pattern. Some slight errors are normal One for four If you did not purchase it at the time of purchase, you can purchase it again if you need it later (Limited to works drawn by Chen Yi) ▶ Sticker A set of 10 sheets, about 4X6 cm (depending on the size of the image file) Divided into bright surface / matte surface, transparent bottom is not recommended, but if necessary, you can remark to change the transparent bottom One picture per person is limited to a maximum of two stickers "Do not place two copies of different materials"! (It's too hard to cut and paste the paper 😢) The designer personally cuts it, not machine cutting. It is a "very normal" condition that the size of each frame is different. If you want to take a large one back and cut it yourself, you can tell me in advance (but it will still be cut into a small one for sending) If you want to cut your own, you can buy up to four sets of stickers ▶ Frame Purchasing from Daiso (a few are ikea), in addition to the purchasing fee, the cost also includes the extra cost due to the weight when sending If you don't want to be earned on purchasing fees, you can also go to the store to choose and buy, just for your convenience. Replenishment is difficult during the epidemic, please forgive me for out of stock! ▶Frameless painting The four sides are blank without printing, In addition to the original portrait, changing the background color is free If you need to add or change the design decoration Please discuss with the designer and purchase additional design fees! The main selling size is 20*20/30*30 I personally think that the size of 20*20 is just small, cute and easy to send. If you need other sizes, you can quote again. ▶ Mobile phone case Only iPhone models! The material is transparent air pressure shell/anti-fall shell (transparent on the side) The fee includes the design fee for micro-adjustment of the portrait (the original portrait was square, and the phone case was rectangular) You can tell me the desired typesetting method, you can change the background color, adjust the position of the pattern, write the name, etc. If you need to add or change the design decoration Please discuss with the designer that it will cost you a design fee if it is too complicated! # Frameless pictures/mobile phone cases need to be ordered with the manufacturer Waiting time is about 2-3 weeks After completing the order of the like-painting, we will confirm with you the color of the phone case and the base map of the frameless picture, etc. (fine adjustments are possible) If you are not in a hurry, you can subscript together I hope that I can receive the postcard first and can be subscripted separately (additional purchase after getting the portrait) Thanks 🙏 ▶ Electronic file If you have printing needs other than postcards and stickers, you can pay for the original electronic file (equivalent to the authorization printing fee) and then go back and print it yourself 🔺Any demand, please ask the designer's consent before proceeding!! If it is printing wedding invitations/full moon cards/invitation cards, etc. Simple printing on these papers can also add design costs to help you make simple designs ----------------------------------- If you have any questions, please contact the designer. Thank you:)


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Xiyanhui Plus Purchase Area ▶ Postcard ▶ Sticker ▶ Frame ▶ Frameless painting ▶ Mobile phone case ▶ Electronic file


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