Embroidered Loafer Low Heels-Dandelion Fireworks/Fellow Red

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Hsiu Handmade Embroidered Shoes
Hsiu Handmade Embroidered Shoes
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หนังแท้ รองเท้าลำลองผู้หญิง สีแดง - Embroidered Loafer Low Heels-Dandelion Fireworks/Fellow Red


▎**hsiu story. Dandelion Fireworks** Dandelions in my memory are always pure white and elegant When dandelions flutter in the wind Not just pure white I want the splendor of fireworks to bloom even more Shine your own hidden colors ▎**Feature description. Embroidered loafers** __#embroiderydesign__ Inspired by when dandelions are in full bloom, they bloom everywhere with the wind Using geometric embroidery graphics to present the image of blooming flowers The embroidery is used on the heel, like low-key and gorgeous fireworks, shining with unique and charming colors. The contrast of leather and Embroidery thread texture allows people to look fashionable and neat in simple outfits. __# bright velvet red__ The upper is made of nubuck leather, which is the first layer of cowhide selected and is light and breathable. After polishing, the leather has a suede feel, and the texture of the leather body is soft, delicate and strong. Bright and lively red, it looks white and bright and charming when worn. It is a red that makes people deeply fascinated. __#elegantloaflow-heeled shoes__ The front loafers are modern and elegant, and the colors are eye-catching when viewed from the back. The low heel height can heighten your body proportions, and the angle is very stable for walking. It is a versatile heel suitable for work and daily life. __#breathable genuine leather latex insole__ hsiu self-produced genuine leather insoles thickened latex Soft and breathable, improving comfortable walking experience ▎**Material Description** - Upper: textured nubuck - Midsole: natural dolphin skin (comfortable latex pad added) - Outsole: non-slip rubber - Heel height: 3.5cm - Packaging: special shoe box, dust bag - Origin: Taiwan/Handmade ▎**Cleaning and Maintenance** __#basicmaintenance__ - Avoid placing shoes in places that are humid and easily exposed to direct sunlight. - Regularly replace latex insoles that are stained by sweat or damaged by wearing them https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Ha2NCbpC __#leathercleaning__ - Use a horse (dolphin) hair brush to gently brush the dust on the shoe surface, then use a cotton cloth to dip a small amount of the exclusive leather (note *) maintenance agent and wipe it on the leather surface. Apply a thin layer until the maintenance agent is absorbed, or you can Use the exclusive leather nano-waterproof spray to add a layer of protection. Do not apply too much maintenance agent/waterproof spray to avoid damaging the leather. - If you encounter rain, you must immediately dry the water stains on the leather surface with a cotton cloth and place it in a ventilated place indoors to dry in the shade. Be careful not to pull the shoes hard when wiping the uppers, which may cause structural damage to the shoes. * Choose a suitable maintenance agent for this pair of upper leather __Embroidery thread__ - First dry brush with a soft-bristled brush (ex. soft-bristled toothbrush) to remove dust - Dip a soft-bristled brush into a small amount of water or soapy water and gently brush the Embroidery thread. After brushing, wipe dry with a cotton cloth. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52248945330_28fe32601a_k.jpg ▎**How to measure size** It is recommended that you prepare a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler. Use the pen to draw the outline of the foot in a vertical manner. The widest and longest end points obtained are the standard measurements of foot length and foot width. - Foot length: measure the distance from the longest toe to the heel - Foot width: measure the widest distance between the left and right sides of the sole of the foot If your feet are wider, please increase one size depending on the actual situation. ⁎ Because general sports shoes are too large, it is not recommended to refer to the shoe size. ⁎ This shoe is a normal fit. If your feet are wide (>10cm), it is recommended to wear one size larger. ▎**If you encounter problems with uncertain sizes or missing sizes, please contact the designer for consultation** ⁎ If the size quantity is 0, customization can be accepted. Please contact the designer. The production time will take 30-45 working days.


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"Dandelion" embroidered Loafer low-heeled shoes, with "Dandelion" as the embroidery design concept, larger version, nubuck texture, easy to walk and comfortable.


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