Gogoro Key Leather Case YAMAHA Airtag Induction Magnetic Buckle Leather Case [Free Thunder Carving] Key Ring

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Gogoro Key Leather Case YAMAHA Airtag Induction Magnetic Buckle Leather Case [Free Thunder Carving] Key Ring


**【Exclusive features】** "Bronze Hardware Series" exclusive customized laser carving ~ anytime, anywhere, send your exclusive thoughts! ! 1.**Bronze hardware**→ Pure solid pure Bronze material 2.**Exclusive customization**→ Free customized leather laser engraving ————————————————————— →**Select leather**: "Vegetable tanned leather in Fulie District", which will produce different old-fashioned effects according to personal usage habits →**Hardware accessories**: solid Bronze . . . Bronze, known as "the metal that never rusts", will show different levels of obsolescence over time, charming and charming →**Edge treatment**: finely trimmed, polished smooth, not easy to frizz **【Product specifications】** ✽ Size: about 6.5 cm x 7.5 cm ✽Key ring with hardware hanging about 13.5 cm ✽Function: Bronze"Hook" + Bronze"Horseshoe" ✽The above photos are in color order → Photo 1: Mysterious Black → Photo 2: Grape Purple → Photo 3: Indigo → Photo 4: Maroon → Photo 5: Turkish color → Photo 6: Light Brown → Photo 7: Olive Green → Photo 8: Mysterious Black → Photo 9: Brand logo on the back The small circle next to ### is embossed with the brand logo, and the laser engraving service is not provided here. In addition, this round label will keep the untreated leather itself, and the edges will not be polished, so as to compare the difference with the finished product after polishing. **[Material]**Vegetable tanned cowhide + Bronze hardware **【Manufacturing method】****Fully handmade** **【Laser lettering】Facebook has someone to provide computer proofing test** 1. Limited English fonts (fonts such as photo examples) / no Chinese thunder carving / no totems 2. Word limit: a. Please refer directly to the word count of the photo sample, and please pay attention to the white space on both sides of the sample letters **very important, very important, very important** **This paragraph does not do "all uppercase", does not do "all lowercase"** **Please don't provide inapplicable laser carving content** b. If you want the layout of the same photo sample (two rows) Please take a screenshot to confirm (Customization only modifies the content of English letters, and the rest of the details will not be changed) ※Please confirm the lettering in detail and repeatedly. After the product is made, it will not be able to be modified, returned or refunded. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51538800259_b8d9309034_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51538320693_b1296a192b_b.jpg **【Precautions】** 1. There is a slight color difference between the light and the computer screen. The actual color is mainly based on the real product. 2. The vegetable tanned leather itself has natural wrinkles, very small scars on the vein lines, etc. The lines of each product are different, which is a normal phenomenon. 3. The Bronze material is durable and never rust, and has a natural aging effect. The electroplating details are beautiful at the beginning, but the metal is easy to rust when the electroplating layer is worn, so the cost of pure Bronze hardware is higher than that of general metal electroplating hardware. 4. This design is matched with "pure Bronze" hardware, and the Bronze hardware is mass-produced, not hand-finished one by one, so the surface will have some imperfections such as sand holes, scratches and small bumps, but It will not affect the overall appearance and use; those who require perfection and those who have high expectations for items, please place an order with caution! 5. This product is a customized product. It has been confirmed and produced by both parties. It cannot be replaced after it is sold. It needs to be re-ordered. Please forgive me. **【Maintenance method】** 1. Avoid contact with dark clothing and denim fabrics for light-colored leather goods; avoid contact with light-colored clothing for dark leather goods to avoid mutual staining. 2. Moisture or water may cause mold or stains on leather products (if it is damp or wet, please press it with a dry soft cloth immediately and place it in a ventilated place). 3. Daily cleaning and maintenance: Do not use water or any cleaning solvent to clean, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the dust, and then dip a little leather maintenance oil to wipe the leather surface evenly. 4. Maintenance oil: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QPkam42c **【Origin】**Made in Taiwan


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※The product is an exclusive customized laser sculpture, please confirm the details with the designer before ordering. ※Please read the product [Notes] carefully before placing an order. If you agree with its statement, then place an order. Thank you! !


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