[Crystal Wax Rope Series] Flower Ball|Pink Crystal x Amethyst x Strawberry Crystal Peach Blossom Wax Rope Bracelet |

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[Crystal Wax Rope Series] Flower Ball|Pink Crystal x Amethyst x Strawberry Crystal Peach Blossom Wax Rope Bracelet |


[Material] Natural Amethyst/Pink Crystal/Strawberry Crystal 925 Sterling Silver/Imported Wax Rope 【Crystal size】8mm±2mm **Natural ores cannot all be the same color and crystal, especially crystals with crystals.** **(Such as Green Ghost, Strawberry Crystal, Titanium Crystal, Black Crystal, etc.) Each one will be different!** 【Chain length】 **Activity circumference→Wearable hand circumference is within 17cm, please note if it exceeds** **Fixed circumference → please provide hand circumference size** **Fixed circumference + extended chain → please provide the size of the hand circumference (extension chain is 2cm)** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50616717397_fa428403f5_k.jpg ★Measurement method: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51220908765_ce0b5bf197_h.jpg **If you don’t understand anything, you can ask the child** 🉑️ Wearing in the bath🉑️ Touching the water ※This product is relatively tight when first used, and there are some small Wax on the line, which are normal phenomena ※As the end of the product has been burned by flames, there will be a darker color**"not burnt"**, if you mind, please do not place an order ※The bracelet can be worn in the bath without deliberately pulling it out, but it is strictly forbidden to scrub and rub to avoid damage to the rope body [Commodities have after-sales service] If you come to Tainan, you can bring the goods to the store, let us serve you **The pictures in this museum are all real products, but due to the different settings of each computer monitor, so that the photos are somewhat different from the real products, the color of the products is subject to the actual products.** -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51513960172_ba799aba9b_h.jpg **A. Pink crystal** Relieve emotions and irritability, host relationships, love, and strengthen one's own charm. **B. Strawberry Crystal** Add charm, improve love fortune, adjust interpersonal relationships **C. Lavender Amethyst** **D. Amethyst** Main wisdom, increase interpersonal relationship, help stabilize emotions **E. Citrine** The Stone of gathering wealth, corresponding to the sun wheel, bringing good luck **F. Golden Obsidian** Can enhance vitality, avoid evil and attract wealth, and dissolve negative energy ★After making the bracelet, we will put it in the geode to purify it before sending it out. Remember to degauss and purify the crystal regularly. There are many degaussing and purification methods, such as natural salt water purification, geode purification, temple furnace purification, and online inquiry. . -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- **Wax color card** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50593798972_ce0ac68868_c.jpg Red, Peach: vitality and confidence, good luck, avoid evil, can ask for peach blossoms, marriage, family harmony, block good luck, recruit people Pink: Recruiting people, peach blossoms, happiness, attracting the opposite sex Yellow: sunshine, gather wealth, be good at using money, dominate wealth Orange: energy, confidence, love, wisdom, creativity Coffee color: good at financial management, recruiting money, stable personality, and healthy Green: Recruit business to make money, enhance financial leadership, and help business Blue: truth, hope, health, rich imagination Purple: power, wisdom, creativity, improving interpersonal relationships, good relationships, peach blossoms, inviting blessings, recruiting noble people, stable personality White: perfection, purity, alleviating disasters, and protecting the body Black and gray: help mature and stable personality, prevent villains, prevent rotten peach blossoms, and eliminate bad luck ★ 925 sterling silver is not easy to be allergic and can be worn in the bath. Generally, the oxidation speed of 925 sterling silver is different depending on the body type (acid and base). After the silver jewelry becomes black after oxidation, it can be maintained and cleaned with toothpaste/ Silver washing water/ Silver cloth to restore the silvery white color. Easy to maintain. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- **Maintenance** • When accessories are not worn, please clean them and put them in a sealed bag or box • Do not wear Silver strand avoid blackening bathing **How to use maintenance small items** Home maintenance tips ★Soft toothbrush + toothpaste 1. Dip some toothpaste and water 2. Gently brush the silver jewelry and rinse it off 3. Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer 4. It can be used with Silver polishing cloth to restore the luster of silver ornaments ★ Silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry on weekdays, wipe the metal surface ★ Silver washing water 1. The silver into Silver wash water, dipped to 3-5 seconds 2. Take out the jewelry from the Silver washing water and rinse with plenty of water 3. Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer 4. It can be used with Silver polishing cloth to make silver jewelry regain luster **Do not immerse the vintage black jewelry in the Silver washing water, otherwise it will turn into the original silver!** **Origin/manufacturing method** **Made in Taiwan handmade**


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A single crystal is simple and elegant, very suitable for friends who don’t like fancy~


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