Long match discount combination 1 can + 2 boxes of exclusive limited white head

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Let your light shine!



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Long match discount combination 1 can + 2 boxes of exclusive limited white head


CANDLE SWEET’s classic black-headed long matches have been continuously expanded and upgraded since they were sold. They have been loved by everyone. The limited-color "white" match head has been launched again. It is different from the classic and fashionable black-headed matches. White is more pure and simple. Burning hot in winter. The Taiwan-made glass jars are matched with golden ribbons, and the texture is upgraded again, adding romance and gorgeousness. The quantity is limited, please grab a hand knife. ======================= Anyone who has some candles knows that when the candle is burned to a certain level, it is difficult to light the candle even if it is lit upside down with a lighter. At this time, you can choose a longer match to use together to solve the trouble of not being able to click! People who are not accustomed to light candles can prepare a can of long matches at home. In addition to replacing plastic lighters and causing pollution to the environment, they can also recall the early good times when Taiwan’s households must have matchboxes. The instant surprise of a match across the scales has become a unique feeling that a lighter can never replace. ======================= [Matches combination] Large can x 1+box x 2 → Combination discount price 760NTD Box material: paper, hot stamping double-sided design (each box contains 18-20 pieces) Canned container: glass, golden aluminum lid, golden ribbon, sticker (each can contains 115-120) Match material: wood, powder \\In order to give back to friends who like our dessert candles, From now on, as long as you buy any candle in the design hall, you can buy a box of matches at a discounted price of 60NTD. If you buy two candles, you can buy two more boxes, and so on. \\ Match lovers: 4 sets, discount 390NTD (There are about 70-80 long matches in total) https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SRBF2hnN?cat... = Tips for using matches = 1. The longer the match, the more elegant and safe it is to use. 2. A match can only be used once. 3. Some people are very fascinated by the sound of matches and the smell of matches. 4. Don't like the smell of gunpowder? Light the candle outdoors or by a ventilated window before using it in the house to avoid the smell of gunpowder from filling the room. 5. In a rainy or humid environment, you find that the match cannot be struck? Just use a hair dryer to blow the moisture away, and you can use it again. ============================ Using classic 10 cm long matches to light candles is not only elegant, but also not easy to burn your hands! Large-capacity glass cans, with golden lid (with sparkling paper included), the texture is perfect; the match box is double-sided & bronzing design. The same is launched at a very economical combination price, allowing you to have both boxed and canned at once!! Origin / manufacturing method Design & Assembled in TAIWAN


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