Lavender anti-mosquito essential oil indoor fragrance-unpackaged/second-hand packaging materials

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Used recycled bottles are environmentally friendly and affordable. Sorry, consumers cannot choose what material (glass or plastic) the recycled bottle is and what color it is!



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Lavender anti-mosquito essential oil indoor fragrance-unpackaged/second-hand packaging materials


Refill Station, EARTH FRIEND has always wanted to implement this shopping concept in Taiwan, Consumers take any empty bottles to the Refill Station to weigh the purchased goods, realize a traceless life, and reduce packaging materials on the earth. Regrettably, the promotion of Refill Station is quite slow, and there are only a few Refill Stations currently established. Even so, EARTH FRIEND is still working hard to promote the concept of "Refill", Therefore, EARTH FRIEND has launched the "Second-hand Packaging" series of products, By recycling the surrounding plastic bottles, washing, sterilizing, and drying them, they will eventually become containers for the "second-hand packaging materials" series of commodities. Even if it is troublesome and laborious, EARTH FRIEND continues to work hard with the concept of plastic reduction and environmental protection. Because this is the right thing! __Sorry, consumers cannot choose what material the recycled bottle is (glass bottle or plastic bottle) and what color it is!__ - ◎What is complete anti-mosquito aging? What we call "completely anti-mosquito effect" means that no mosquito will bite during this period after using the anti-mosquito liquid. During this period we call it complete anti-mosquito effect! ◎Natural baby anti-mosquito series, what is the difference between outdoor type and indoor type? The outdoor type has a heavier taste, and the anti-mosquito effect is relatively long; while the indoor type has a slightly adjusted taste, and the anti-mosquito effect is shorter than the outdoor type. Of course, the quality of the two is the same as 100% pure natural dripping water. Oh. ◎ Has the anti-mosquito effect of EARTH FRIEND series been confirmed by experiments? some! The experimental results show that the "completely anti-mosquito effect" is 1-1.5 hours, and the anti-mosquito effect can be 3-5 hours. experimental method: 1. The EARTH FRIEND experimenter personally cultivated mosquitoes. 2. About 35-50 female mosquitoes are placed in the test box. 3. The experimenter sprayed one arm with the EARTH FRIEND anti-mosquito series, while the other arm was not sprayed. At the same time, put both hands into the test box to test for 10 minutes (yes, put your hands in to feed the mosquitoes...). 4. After another 30 minutes, put it in and feed the mosquitoes for another 10 minutes. 5. If you are not bitten by mosquitoes until the fourth step, the company will define it as "completely mosquito-proof period of 0.5 hours". ◎Can sunscreen lotion be used with mosquito repellent? The effective ingredients of the EARTH FRIEND anti-mosquito series are pure natural essential oils, which do not contain DEET (enemy avoidance), so you can use it with sunscreen with peace of mind. The order of use is as follows: first use sunscreen for 3 minutes, then use EARTH FRIEND mosquito repellent series. Generally, the commercially available anti-mosquito liquid contains DEET (enemy avoidance) and cannot be used together with sunscreen. The reason is that most sunscreen oils contain Oxybenzone, also known as benzophenone. Using the two together will increase the skin. The absorption of DEET makes the body too late to metabolize, and it is prone to dizziness. In severe cases, neurotoxicity may even occur. ◎Why is it a milky white liquid? Because compared to other water-like anti-mosquito liquids, the natural essential oils in the EARTH FRIEND anti-mosquito series are as high as 45%. After emulsifying and emulsifying with essential oils, they naturally form a milky white color. ◎Notes: 1. If you accidentally contact your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water. 2. Please test for sensitive skin first, if there is any abnormality, please do not continue to use it. 3. Do not open the spray cover to avoid deterioration of the contents. 4. Please shake it before use, and test first, if there is any abnormality, please do not continue to use it. 5. Please use PET or glass containers when packaging. - ▼Natural Baby Lavender Mosquito Spray (100ml) All ingredients: Lavender essential oil hydrosol, eucalyptus essential oil, vegetable oil emulsifier, ECOCERT natural moisturizer Shelf life: 3 years Please shake it before use and test it first. If there is any abnormality, please do not continue to use it.


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