[Star Leap] Happy Birthday handmade ice cream rainbow fruit cake

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**Handmade Ice Cream Rainbow Fruit Cake**1 In **Ingredients**Imported thick milk, Sailor brand flour, Fuller milk, organic soil eggs, seasonal fresh fruit **Ice cream cake making cream, not traditional cream cake, please clearly identify**


900g x 1
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ภายใน 1 วัน
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[Star Leap] Happy Birthday handmade ice cream rainbow fruit cake


**Character introduction** **Star leap rabbit** The healing rabbit with the star mark on the ear, the original faceless and introverted becomes lively and cheerful because of knowing many good friends, and when it is excited, it will become a cotton ball. **Cake introduction** Are you tired of thick cream cake? ! Then you must definitely try this handmade cake to ensure that your taste buds are subverted, refreshing and smooth, and let people take a bite! A cake with a variety of tastes. Every bite can enjoy ice cream, two kinds of seasonal fresh fruit, Japanese cloud cake, smooth cheese! Rich in water, smooth and not greasy, full of fruit platform and golden milk formula, leaping to the sweetness of the tongue, the entrance silk sweetened to the tip of the tongue, giving you full happiness. **What is the difference between a cake sold in the market?** Are you used to shaving fresh cream to the next door before eating? The ready-made cakes in the market are mostly made up of fresh cream and are usually made in the display refrigerator. The taste preference of the ready-made cakes is based on the public's preferences. Unless you order the store, you may make adjustments according to your preferences. But basically, the fresh cream made of fresh cream cakes is not greasy after eating for N years. This handmade ice cream fruit cake is a different choice for food geeks who like sweets but are afraid of being fat or who are worried about fat accumulation. **Recommended eating** 1. Ice Cream Cake: save to put frozen, fresh frozen two weeks are very delicious to eat when the first ice back to best when they look a little melted (ie**metal knife**easily cut down the time), Usually it is 5 minutes to 10 minutes, but depending on the freezing condition of the refrigerator, if the cake is a bit dry after the ice is removed, please continue to retire and eat. If it is too wet, put it back in the freezer. 2. Handmade desserts other than ice cream cakes: can be stored in cold storage, or it can be placed on the day of eating or refrigerating on the day before. **Handmade ice cream rainbow fruit cake** **Size**6吋/ 8吋/ 10吋/ 12吋 1.6吋 Suitable for 2~4 people (about 900g) 2. 8吋 suitable for 4~12 people 3.10吋 suitable for 8~20 people 4.12吋 suitable for 16~40 people **Content**6吋900g **Quantity**1 entry **Ingredients**Imported thick milk, Sailor brand flour, Fuller milk, organic soil eggs, seasonal fresh fruit **Shipping and collecting all the frozen homes** **Shipping and collecting all the frozen homes** **Shipping and collecting all the frozen homes** **remind** 1. This cake does not contain tableware and candles. Please add it if necessary. 2. The choice of side shape is within the scope of customization. The team of the cooperative brand will satisfy your requirements as much as possible. However, the requirements for customization are additional purchases~ 3. The price of this order is determined by the professional team of Susan teachers. If there is any customization request, please welcome the service of the station to confirm the purchase of the price increase before the order is placed. If there is any conclusion, it will be opened in the design hall. Customized orders are available for you to place your order for checkout. **Taste**is based on fresh fruit from the team of Susan teachers, with the best taste, every time you buy it! If you do not like the fruit or taste, please confirm with the station letter before ordering. **Features**Illustration using food printing technology / pattern edible / fresh / cream ice cream non-traditional fresh cream made by your checkout **Place of origin**Taiwan **Design**✩Sitara **Cooperative Brand**PX Long Handmade Dessert Market / Handmade French Dessert Blue Ribbon Chef "Susan" with Handmade Desserts **Photography description** Designers try to color the photos to the color closest to the real thing; but the screen device may affect the color rendering, all of which are mainly physical goods, and can be placed again. Orders arrange transport according to the information displayed by the system, make sure when ordering**confirm the correctness of the information recipient**, so as not to cause distortion recipient data delivery failure or delay, to bear the consequences of your own. Please make sure to complete the payment within 3 days after the order is placed. After the order is established, the designer will arrange the shipment within 7~15 working days, and the holiday will be postponed. **overseas users, please note:**This product is only sold in Taiwan before the project. **You may like** [Waterproof badge group] Healing small animal star leap rabbit / young cat / white bear 3.2cm https://www.pinkoi.com/product/LfZn4pSS


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