Kinki Handmade French Chanson No. 5 Pink Little Princess Dry Flower Does Not Wither Chinese Valentine's Day

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Product description and story / Kinki Handmade ღ French Chanson No. 5✿ Pink Little Princess Limited Dry Flower Without Withering Small Pot The main flower-the sun rose, can be sprayed with your favorite perfume as a diffuser Good for a friend as a gift!



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Kinki Handmade French Chanson No. 5 Pink Little Princess Dry Flower Does Not Wither Chinese Valentine's Day


Product description and story / Kinki Handmade ღ French Chanson No. 5✿ Pink Little Princess Limited Dry Flower Without Withering Small Pot The main flower-the sun rose, can be sprayed with your favorite perfume as a diffuser Good for a friend as a gift! It ’s good to put it on the desk ❤ Products are packed in small gift boxes ❤ / Dimensions,/ The widest point of the flower surface is about 6-7cm, and the total height of the flower container is about 8-9cm. The actual size of hand-made floral products will inevitably be slightly different, but the amount of flowers will not decrease, and you can accept it again. Thank you! / Material / Imported handmade flowers (sun roses), non-withered dry flowers ribbon Flower material: porcelain The flowers are seasonal, and if they are out of stock, they will be replaced with flowers of similar colors, which may not be exactly the same. You can make a private inquiry before ordering, and you can also make customized potted flowers. Please order in advance so that we don't have time to make it for you. / Use / #Graduation gift # Shooting props 说明 Product description, use and maintenance methods ❤Flowers don't like moisture, please give him a dry and ventilated environment and avoid direct sunlight. ❤Dried flowers and non-withered flowers are well preserved and can be left for months to years. Each period has a different taste. However, there is still a period of appreciation, and it is normal to fade and weather naturally over time. ❤ Flowers and plants will be different due to seasonal changes, we will choose the best flowers and plants of the season to make. The shapes of the flowers and plants themselves are different, and they have no exactly the same posture, so we cannot make exactly the same products. ❤ Photos are taken with real products. We try our best to convey that the real products are the same as the photos, but the colors of the products may be different under different light, so we cannot guarantee that the colors, appearance and packaging can be exactly the same. ❤Every kind of product is carefully purchased and selected after receiving the order. If you have urgent orders, you can also send us a letter, and we will also try to assist you. ❤We make every product carefully. If you are not satisfied with the product, please take a photo and contact us so that we can assist you in the first time. We will give you an exchange or cancel your order according to the situation. I hope you do n’t rush to give a bad evaluation. It ’s not easy to run a personal studio. We strive to make better works visible to more people. Thank you for your support. Take care. ✿Delivery ❤ Home delivery does not include production time of about 1-2 days or so ❤ Convenience store (store to store) excluding production time about 2-3 days ❤ In order to maintain the quality of new flowers and plants, some of the new flowers and plants products do not provide convenience store-to-store distribution services. Since the shipping company has not been able to personally supervise the process, there will be some risks, please forgive me, thank you. ❤Dried flowers and plants are sent to foreign countries, please write to us to discuss with us, but Pinkoi cannot provide transshipment services. ❤We will do a good job of anti-collision protection measures and properly deliver it to your hands. It is inevitable that some drops will be normal during the delivery process. If there is a problem with the product, please contact us as soon as possible and we will deal with it immediately. ❤ If you want to order and send overseas, please ask the designer by private message, and inform the delivery location / wish date / order quantity, in order to evaluate whether it can be sent, whether it is timely, and evaluate the total shipping cost. ❤ If you order more than 3 samples (including), please choose to send it by home delivery. ✿Notes ❤Every product is hand-made. It takes about 4 ~ 5 working days to make. The quality of the flowers will be different each time. The production will not be exactly the same as the photo. ❤ It is inevitable that some drops may occur during the shipping process. Last reminder: each bunch of flowers is measured by hand, and some errors are inevitable, please forgive me! ❤ Kinki very much hopes to meet everyone's needs, this is our wonderful original intention I hope you can confirm the size of the bouquet again before ordering to ensure your rights If you ca n’t accept it, do n’t order it ✿If you want to customize, please read the following information, and ask the designer for a private message, thank you! ❤Because the customization process is rigorous and tedious, it takes a long time before and after. A single purchase of NT $ 1,000 (excluding shipping) can be customized, and you need to ask two weeks before you want to receive the product. If the time is less than two weeks, we cannot accept customization. It is recommended to purchase the products already in the store. Good quality custom creations require patience. ❤Because of the customization needs precise discussion, please provide the color and style you want and press "Contact Designer" to send us a private message. ❤ We will not accept customization based on other people's floral works, because we respect all original creators. To respect the creativity of others is to respect yourself. ❤Customization Because the use of flower materials may be different, the price will also be different. Please inform the designer of the budget and the color style you want to make. You can also tell us that you want to use flower materials. Let us evaluate the quote for you. ❤ Before customization, you must have clearer and clearer ideas and good communication between the two parties. If the imagination "feels", is difficult to describe or can not provide similar pictures, you can only choose to believe in Kinki's floral beauty, and custom proofing Only two fine-tunings will be accepted afterwards, and major adjustments will not be accepted. If you have a more undecided decision, it is recommended to purchase other works in the store. ❤ Customized payment methods are the same as those in the store, and proofing will be made after payment. Photos will be provided after the proofing is completed. ❤ We are from a non-traditional flower shop and do not pursue certificates, but we strive to integrate floral art into people's lives with continuous learning of orthodox floral techniques and endless creativity, injecting more positive energy into this society . Therefore, whether it is the original work in the store or the work of continuous innovation, or each work customized for the guests, they all have the same high standards and strict requirements on themselves, so the above-mentioned "customization" is derived. "Information", because quality cannot be compromised. ✿About product color: Why are the photos for reference only? The recent cases and experiences are summarized as follows: ❤ The color of the work must be explained to you as follows: The work you saw was shot with our full-frame digital single-lens camera Canon 5D3 + Canon original top L mirror + Canon original top flash Japan's top automatic calibration screen for photographers and the latest version of imac mini system + Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC, for color correction comparison of works and photos. The photos are presented according to the specifications of photographers for commercial photos. When I saw the actual appearance of the product. ❤ That is, we are responsible for the products we output on the original side, but the color and color difference changes that may occur on the back end may have the following factors: 1. After our photos were uploaded to the Pinkoi system, they were compressed again through the Pinkoi system, causing some slight color aberration and distortion of lightness and darkness. If the guest downloads the photos of our works, uploads them to the message again to discuss with us, and compresses them again by Pinkoi again, causing secondary distortion. From a professional screen perspective, the colors may be more vivid than the original photos, which may cause your misjudgment. 2. The browser used by the guest may also have chromatic aberration, which is a problem of program color coding. 3. The operating system used by the guest may also produce color difference, which is a problem of system color coding. 4. The screen used by guests is usually the most obvious factor for color difference, because each screen has different color breadth and stability of reproduction, and different light and shade settings, which will cause color deviation. 5. The ambient light for viewing photos is also the biggest source of chromatic aberration when viewing photos. For example, when viewed under yellow light, the colors reflected by the screen will be different from those in indoors where there is window light in the daytime and in a completely dark environment, which will cause false color difference , It is recommended to watch in a completely dark environment. 6. The degree of reflection on the surface of the screen will also cause misjudgment of color difference, especially when viewing with a glass mirror screen and not viewing in a completely dark environment, and even the color of the clothes worn on the body will also be reflected on the screen, causing viewing It is recommended to use a non-reflective matte screen for viewing in a completely dark environment and wear black clothes. 7. The color perception ability of the eyes or the material and transmittance of the glasses, as well as the cleanness and wear of the glasses, may also be factors that cause color differences. This standard cannot be defined and recommended. 8. The viewing environment of the guests after receiving the goods will also affect the color of the works they see, especially in the dark and faint yellow light, or the weak fluorescent light, which will seriously affect the work to be presented to your mind. a feeling of. 9. The image seen by the human eye is actually irradiated by light onto the object, which is refracted by the different reflectance of the object and the light source of the scene environment. The light entering the eye is refracted by the transparent cornea, iris, crystalline lens, and liquid glass , Imaging on the retina. The retina transmits physiological electrical signals along the optic nerve to the brain, triggering judgment of vision. The image formed on the retina is upside down relative to the object, and it automatically transforms into an upright feeling when interpreted in the mind. The area in this brain's visual neurons is very small, and that's the perception image that people finally "see". Therefore, because of physiological factors, everyone's judgment on color may also be different. The above are the error factors that customers may encounter in color judgment after the output of our photos, excluding the lighting and color problems faced in the previous product shooting. Even if the color and lightness of the product that the customer finally sees will be different from what we know or present because of so many factors, we still insist that as long as it is customized, we will still take the commercial product specifications for the customer. After taking photos and carefully checking the colors, we strive to approach the standard color temperature of the original product and present it to our customers. Although, in the end, it is still color cast, but we still have to take responsibility to insist on doing the right thing. It will be explained that this part is based on the hope that customers who are particularly persistent and sensitive to color can understand our efforts and how many factors are full of variation, and this may cause you to have problems with our products and actual works. Misjudgment, we may think that the color of our product photos is different from the actual work, so we specifically declare and inform that this is why each piece of work will be different and not exactly the same. This is the natural dry floral, non-withered floral, hand-made temperature, unique. If you have doubts and will mind, we suggest that you do not place an order. Generally, the color of each flower may be slightly different, so the color may be slightly different from the photos of the same work on the original photo, but they are collected from the same flower. Because the flower is dried from natural flowers, the color of the flower itself will be different for each petal. For example, the dried hydrangea is particularly obvious, and the color is sometimes different. Therefore, we have indicated on the product page that the work cannot be exactly the same. If the material is out of stock, it will be replaced with the same color system. If you mind, please do not place an order. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade


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