Wide feet OK! Cloud small wave pointed shoes #Special tone dry color ink wood black full leather MIT

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Specially-tuned dry color leather pearl fruit silver, black wood, eucalyptus green, cosmos yellow, continental rose peach powder, orange tulips



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Wide feet OK! Cloud small wave pointed shoes #Special tone dry color ink wood black full leather MIT


https://7.share.photo.xuite.net/chtcloud109840/17ef759/19934999/1211579970_x.jpg ▽▽▽ Precautions before placing an order ▽▽▽ 时 Please be sure to fill in your E-mail in the "Remarks column" when checking out for subsequent electronic invoice issuance🔴 The company cooperates with the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice policy and issues electronic invoices upon approval by the competent authority. Respond to environmental protection and do not proactively send paper invoices, and send invoice issuance notification letters by E-mail, which will be completed within 48 hours after the order is shipped. - Size: 22-26 The selectable size of the store is a spot product, and the priority order of the spot is based on the remittance time. In the event that the goods are sold out, you can choose to wait or cancel the order If the size you want to order does not appear in the size table, it means that the stock is replenished **Those with a foot width of more than 9.4: buy more than half** -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Major Pleasure Women's Shoes Lab -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- 🔺Wide feet OK! Cloud small wave pointe shoes with a total of five colors Momu Black https://www.pinkoi.com/product/9P46RNki Pearl Fruit Silver https://www.pinkoi.com/product/5i4zAHgm Eucalyptus Green https://www.pinkoi.com/product/jchqtfjN Cosmos yellow https://www.pinkoi.com/product/6pPxxFxG Orange Tulip https://www.pinkoi.com/product/F2XfrKsT **Wide feet OK! Cloud small wave pointed shoes | special dry design | inside and outside full leather MIT** **Full five-color pearl fruit silver, dark wood black, eucalyptus green, cosmos yellow, orange tulips** **✔**Exclusively developed pointed hoe for Asians **✔**fleshy feet are also undulating design **✔**Specially adjusted six kinds of dry color skins **✔**4mm full version of soft cotton insole + 3mm elastic core **✔**Counter-grade non-slip outsole https://7.share.photo.xuite.net/chtcloud109840/17ef70a/20278877/1175650733_x.jpg **Leather resume** **Full range of handmade leather inside and outside** **Liner + insole: deodorant, sweat, breathable dolphins** **☼High cost! Benzene dyed wax leather** Blackwood, Eucalyptus Green, Cosmos Yellow, Continental Rose Peach Powder, Orange Tulips | **Features**: No paint on the surface, matte texture, traces of use or irregularities when wearing The color washing feeling is normal. It is easy to be absorbed when encountering liquid, and the skin color is easy to darken. **Maintenance method**: Use a clean cotton cloth and moisten the plant-based maintenance oil and wipe it. Wait for it to dry before using Just light the same cloth. Waterproof sprays can also be purchased to reduce the chance of the leather being wet. **☼ Counter-grade soft and breathable sheepskin**☼ | Pearl Fruit Silver | **Features**: Soft and delicate touch, good breathability **Maintenance method**: Normally, you can use a clean cotton cloth to wipe or dust with a soft brush. Apply a thin layer of colorless maintenance oil and wipe it again with a clean cloth. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Master Handmade Leather MIT 📌 Purchase reminder The return and exchange fee is 75 yuan from the shipping fee. Please keep the integrity of the product. https://mazymazzy.com/majorpleasure/A11/leatherLAB_A11.jpg https://mazymazzy.com/majorpleasure/A11/test_A11.jpg


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