Sterling Silver Needle Ceramic Earrings Flora Abstract Flower Porcelain Earrings

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Cookie Factory
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เครื่องลายคราม ต่างหู สึชมพู - Sterling Silver Needle Ceramic Earrings Flora Abstract Flower Porcelain Earrings


Wear a little pink to look lively and easy to get close to. In addition to a little pink, I added a large and calm navy blue to the Flora abstract flower ceramic earrings. Inspired by the seaside stones, I used the stacking of colorful porcelain clay to present the delicate patterns in the small ceramic earrings. Each earring from color mixing, sieving, stacking, polishing, glazing, and two kiln firings are all handmade by me in small quantities. Porcelain earrings become strong, stain-resistant and never fade after being fired at 1280 degrees Celsius. **Works Information** Material: high-fired dyed porcelain clay, transparent glaze, 925 sterling silver ear needles Size: Porcelain (excluding ear acupuncture) diameter of 1.1 cm; ear acupuncture length: 0.8 cm Weight: A single earring is about 1.1 grams. This earring is very light. Suitable for everyday wear. Earrings are sold in pairs. Shooting props and cookie earring holders are not included. If you like cookies, please click here: **Pure silver ear needle maintenance** Silver jewelry will oxidize through contact with air, sweat, and grease. This is normal. You can apply a layer of toothpaste on the oxidized silver needle and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rub the silver needle with a cloth, sponge or old toothbrush. When you are not wearing sterling silver jewelry, it is recommended to put the jewelry in a dry airtight container. **Earring jewelry packaging** Each ear acupuncture will be packed in a chocolate-style carton, the gift is environmentally friendly! **Reminder** -The earrings are all handmade, so each pair of earrings contains different nuances and is also unique. -The picture of the work may have color difference due to the color rendering of each computer. Please make sure to confirm your understanding before purchasing. **-Shipping from Germany to Taiwan takes a long time. The length of the delivery time will be affected by the festivals and customs of the two places. Please place an order again with acceptable buyers. It is recommended that buyers reserve at least ten working days. (It takes about one to two weeks to ship from Germany to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. However, please refer to the actual situation.)** All goods will be sent from Germany by registered mail. After the goods are shipped, the buyer will receive the tracking number of the package and can check the progress of the package at any time. Origin / manufacturing method Designed by Taiwanese │ Handmade│ Made in Germany **Click here to see all design works:**


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Wear a little pink to look lively and easy to get close to. The pattern formulated by the studio is on pure white porcelain, with a large and calm navy blue in addition to a little pink. This earring is very light and suitable for everyday wear.


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