"Blue coast" leisurely sea drape adjustable fish bracelet

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"Blue coast" leisurely sea drape adjustable fish bracelet


**【Product Code】**KG17P1005

**【Product desciption】**
Following the last sale of the "blue coast" series, this time the introduction of new goods Hello! The emergence of small marine pendants and design are different from the past, the chain is also different from the previous shape! Special chain style plus healing The little pendant really worthy of everyone collection Oh!

**【Product Information】**
**▲ size**
**☑ Standard size for passenger system - Maximum adjustable length to 18.5 cm**
☞ This product is an adjustable bracelet. For other special sizes, please contact us and thank you!

**☑ Custom size - Adjustable maximum size is less than 18.5cm**
☞ This product is an adjustable bracelet. If you want to order other special size, please contact us with the letter, will explain the length of your calculation, thank you!

**☑ Custom size - Adjustable maximum size is greater than the total length of 18.5cm**
☞ This product is an adjustable bracelet. If you want to order other special size, please contact us in the letter, will explain the length of your calculation, to confirm the order size, please go to https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1CqKEZIt?category=2 Additional purchase, thank you.

**▲ chain color**

**▲ material**
☑ shells
☞ Please avoid violent collision or pressure.
☑ Freshwater pearls
☞ pearl jewelry is not suitable for taking a bath, a long time easy to make the surface of the pearl skin loss, and even crack. Maintenance of the ring and cleaning need to avoid pearls.
☑ Japanese alloy
☑ Copper Plating Gold Plated Gold Plated
☞**"About Gold Plated & Alloy"**
For the loss of jewelry, can not be restored. The coating will be based on personal habits and conditions and produce a different degree of wear and oxidation, color retention period varies from person to day, from a few days to several years are possible. Do not wear sleeping, bathing, swimming, hot springs, maintenance make-up and other chemicals, please also avoid contact. If you can not accept the material characteristics, please do not order to buy.

**▲ packaging**
☑ general packaging (basic aesthetic / collection convenience)
If there is no special purchase to upgrade the packaging, will be simple and easy to separate after the package placed in the same box (bag), if the full packaging needs, please note when placing orders.

☑ Premium boxed (gift-conscious / basic collection)
If you need to purchase upgrades
☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1xLDlBvR?category=3
☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1fR9zBUU?category=3
Whether the product is suitable for purchase upgrade, please refer to the above linked store instructions or use the station letter asked, thank you.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
**【Workday】**☞ Please read carefully the number of working days before placing your order. Is an emergency or has any questions about the delivery time Please contact us first. After the order notice or note is urgent, will not accept Oh!

**▲ product production**
Design Museum products are orders for a single order, payment is completed before the calculation of the number of working days (payment is completed after the first day of work).
The number of working days will vary depending on the production conditions of the order. Generally, it will take about 1-2 weeks of working days (excluding holidays, national holidays and delivery time), with the actual shipping time.

**▲ goods delivery**
**☑ Delivery time in Taiwan**
Mail registration about 1-2 days, supermarkets take about 2-3 days, part of the distant areas may be served 3-5 days. (Excluding Saturdays and national holidays)

**☑ Non-Taiwan delivery time**
At**China Post registered airmail POST**send (can not keep track of the status of goods), depending on the destination, shipping it different number of working days, after generally sent about 10--14 business days for delivery (excluding Saturday and Sunday And national holidays).

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
**【Note】**☞ Please confirm the precautions before buying, all products are custom customized goods, do not provide return and replacement services, in order to avoid future disputes, please be sure to accept the next purchase.

**▲ before the order**
☑ Most of the products in the design museum can not afford to pull, and then please evaluate your own habits before making your order. At the same time**Please first understand the order of your purchase of goods in the future may occur the depletion of the situation**, to be able to accept the purchase.

☑ If the goods are not flawed at the time of delivery, they will be treated in a non-original condition after they have been worn.

☑ If you wish to choose a guest with a custom size, please contact us by using the station letter. And when you order, please fill in the place you want to fill in the size of your reservation (cm) (size includes reserved space), if not filled will lead to delayed delivery of goods.

☑ If you have any questions or wish to pay more attention to it, please do not leave your order directly in the order note. We can not know the thing you want to convey in the first time. Please contact us first using the station letter.

☑ Whether the goods will cause allergy concerns VIP, please do not order to buy, because each person allergic conditions are different, there is no way to measure.

☑ Please send your attention to the correct address of the recipient's address when the order is made, whether the name is in line with the passport or identity card, and if you can not receive the order, you will need to modify the receipt information. , In addition to waiting for correction documents sent overseas, we will charge NT.50-100 yuan ranging from the cost of labor (including document postage).

**▲ After receiving the goods**
☑ If you have any questions regarding the size or defect, please come within 7 days after receipt. If you are unable to accept it within 7 days, you will be listed as a repair merchandise to help you follow up. postage. If the loss of goods after the receipt is not within the scope of acceptance.

☑ After the goods are sent, if the information is incomplete or incorrect, or because of personal reasons, it is not possible to return the goods. If the station letter or newsletter, etc. can not get in touch with you, we will save you for 1 month, overdue custody responsibility.

☑ Design Museum products are custom-made, no other size can be replaced, in addition to part of the disposable supplies, can be modified, if not our production on the loss (within the permit error), need to pay back and forth postage And material costs.

**▲ about the goods themselves**
☑ Arrangement
Commodities will be slightly adjusted by length. The designer reserves the right to adjust the arrangement and proportion of the goods.

☑ Presentation
When the part of the material out of stock or do a small part of the adjustment, if not affect the appearance of the appearance will be without notice, the designer retains the right to adjust the small parts.

☑ Length
As the goods are made by hand, it may be due to the size of the error and each person measured in different ways, and the size of the error (± 0.5 cm or less), the size of the size provided when ordering for reference only.

☑ Natural stone flaw
Each pearl, natural stone color depth and texture are different, some will have a small crack or contain impurities and other small flaws, there is no way like artificial pearls, precious stones as perfect. Natural stone size and shape will also have irregular circumstances, so there is no way 100% consistent with the product picture. If you can not accept the above situation, please do not order to buy.

☑ Hand traces
Because the goods are handmade so the finished product may have hand traces (such as knot or asymmetry, uneven, etc., does not affect the wearing of the situation) there is no way as perfect as the machine, please carefully consider.

☑ Color difference
All the pictures in the picture may be due to shooting light or personal computer screen brightness and other factors and the color of the situation. Different batches of goods in the color may also be a little worse.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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