Original wool felt cat meat ball double-sided earrings (single area, clip-on type can be changed!)

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Cute cat meat ball earrings let you go out with your baby!



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Original wool felt cat meat ball double-sided earrings (single area, clip-on type can be changed!)


When I think of a cat, I must not miss the necessary cat meat ball. Little sloths have nothing to do. I like to touch our cat's meat pads. It has a very relaxing effect. I decided to make the meatballs into earrings so that friends who like cat meatballs can wear them out. This time the cat meatballs will be caring meatballs and cat colors! Let it see the pattern regardless of the angle, and remind everyone that there is another special feature of this earring. The size of the meat ball is different from the length of the matching chain. You can choose freely the same size or irregular Handsome asymmetrical earrings, even if worn alone! Other designs of cat meat ball earrings will be launched one after another, I hope everyone will like the new works of Little Sloth ~ 😻 Product specifications Material: New Zealand wool / ear pin chain / ear clip chain Size: Big Cat Meat Ball: 2.5 ~ 3 cm in diameter Kitten meat ball: about 2 cm in diameter Meat ball color: pink meat ball (will match with different pink with different models! Sanhua cat models for product color) Black Meat Ball / Black Powder Mix and Match Meat Ball Short chain: about 1.5 cm long Long chain: about 3.5 cm long Orderable examples: big pink cat meat ball long chain, small black cat meat ball short chain ... Packaging: simple transparent bag small package Intimate Tinker Bell Because it is a wool felt dry felt, after a long time, the friction surface will be slightly moist, so it can be used at this time. Small scissors trim the surface fine hair! If you accidentally get in the water, just use a toilet paper to press and dry it! Each kitty is handmade, so there must be small differences that are not exactly the same. But the same thing is that every kitten has poured my full love and enthusiasm! I like animals very much, and hope to make more people like animals and care for animals with wool felt works. If you have any questions about the work, please contact me in advance and hope to use it to make as much as possible to everyone's satisfaction. Finished products, works will be updated one after another, I hope everyone will like it ~ :) Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Taiwan


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