Little Kite - Owl Dream Catcher - Black - 10 cm Circle

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@成品尺寸约: Circle 10 cm - total length of about 35 to 40 cm.



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Little Kite - Owl Dream Catcher - Black - 10 cm Circle


▲▲ Product Description - Owl guardian dream catcher - black 10 cm ▲ ▲ Legend of Dream Catcher: This ornament is worn in Indian legends to prevent evil spirits from invading in their sleep. This rich Aboriginal ornament is called "Dream Catcher". Used to hang on the bed, it will catch dreams, but only keep the nightmare, good dreams and return to the dreamer; When the sun rises, the nightmare in the net will burn and disappear. Dream catcher has the meaning of praying for peace and bringing good luck, and can drive away nightmares and make people sleep. owl: The patron saint of the night. In Japan, owls have the meaning of "blessing peace" and the symbol of "wisdom." Owls have the meaning of blessing blessings besides not suffering. @成品尺寸约: Circle 10 cm - total length of about 35 to 40 cm. @Wire Accessories - Use Taiwan hemp rope. Taiwan nylon line. Accessories. Feather. Beads. @量单位-1. Price 420 yuan @Everyone is handmade. The location of the code will be slightly different! The size of the feathers is naturally stained. So the size will be different. @Before ordering - If you have any questions, please click on the contact designer to ask! Thank you!! @The same reply order problem: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. @Computer color will have some error. The goods are subject to the actual product. ▲ ▲ shipping (posted by post): *Saturday. Most post offices are closed on Sundays - small kites Saturday. Sundays are not able to send merchandise. *General packet registration - post office -**((cannot specify time delivery))**. *Package will be received approximately 2-4 days after delivery - subject to the post office conditions - please note 喔. * When the post office delivers - if no one receives the parcel - ask the buyer to bring the identity card and seal to the post office to collect the parcel. * If you are not at home or inconvenient parcels are sent to your home - small kites will advise buyers to choose the whole family to buy (shop to shop to pick up). ▲ ▲ shipping (family super business - store to shop): *Approximately 2 days after the mailing will go to the designated super business. (Does not include - the business is not open 24 hours - the waiting time will be longer) * There will be a pickup notification message - please ask the buyer (I) to bring your ID card and inform the Super Store staff of your name. Please be sure to pick up the item within 6 days. *If the parcel has not been picked up due to the passage of time, the Super Chamber will return the merchandise to the kite. The buyer wants to "pay" the second time for 60 yuan. (If you want to go abroad or travel and other factors - just miss the time to pick up the goods for 6 days. Please leave a message to inform the kite - will delay the delivery of the goods) ▲ shop to the store to pick up the goods - means that the payment has been made - then go to the supermarket to pick up the goods) **((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((** ▲ ▲ shipping. Limited to Hong Kong. Macau. China. (Other countries have no defects) Please select the Pinkoi International Transfer Center (do not choose to mail. Mailing refers to Taiwan Island) manual: Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / small kite 100% handmade


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