/ Polar pen 2.0 / poles pen pole refills - black

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/ Polar pen 2.0 / poles pen pole refills - black



Polar refill, features a 0.5mm ink at one end of the pen, the other end is 5mm touch screen fine pen.
As Polar Pen's special refill, hidden in the inner elegance it is not sloppy! With a stainless steel texture, as well as the perfect line, with a sense of hidden design.

Polar Pen
Do you usually like some thoughtful design? You usually do not consciously like to disassemble things to find new possibilities? Or fascinated by the invisible force of magnets? Then maybe you will be with 14,000 to participate in Polar Pen this Kickstarter fund-raising friends, like to have a!

ANDREW GARDNER, POLAR PEN designer, because the father is an industrial engineer relationship, since there are a lot of electromagnets or gyroscopes like a cool toy can play, with an invisible force of the magnet in particular fascinated him The ANDREW also admitted that he was not always a child is always the most serious one of the class, the teacher because he was in the audience to put his pen back and loaded back and gave him a "pen engineer" title (it sounds is not A bit familiar!), In fact, because of this way, he began to imagine, if you can make a complete decomposition and then any reorganization of the words. The The

So at the end of 2013, the fund-raising platform Kickstarter appeared this 60 seconds of product introduction video, not only created the masses raised the largest one of the project, even the film itself has reached more than three million browsing rate!

Polar Pen to achieve a lot of designers yearning for the modular design, that is, a standardized product, through the use of each user needs or ideas, can be reorganized into a personalized commodity.

First of all, it can be a pen, it can be a stylus

Come again is that they introduced several basic games are played
1. The magnets are arranged in a straight line and can become a compass
2. Using the principle of magnetic repulsion to create a "maglev wheel"
3. The same is the principle of magnetic repulsion, he can also become a spring.

Do you also want to experience the charm of Polar Pen?

Come join the designer Andrew Gardner and hundreds of thousands of Polar Pen fans around the world
Work together to create new ways to play!
Everyone in mind, there is a million magnetic king!


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