[New Year’s Flash Free Shipping] Salted Egg Yolk French Chips 1 pack (150g/pack)

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・Salted egg yolk fries crisps are released! ! ・You don't need to go to Singapore to eat salted egg yolk fries, there are in Taiwan! ・Salted egg yolks and potatoes, you can enjoy a new taste! ・Every small potato is covered with a strong salted egg yolk flavor ・The most evil snack, I can’t stop one bite after another


150g x 2
หลังผลิต 90 วัน



1 - 3 วัน
[New Year’s Flash Free Shipping] Salted Egg Yolk French Chips 1 pack (150g/pack)


https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_9.jpg **Taiwan Brush Mouth Good Taste-Salted Egg Potato Chips (SALTED EGG POTATO CHIPS)** Who said Taiwanese snacks are boring? The salted egg yolk fries from the Xiaoxu Mountains is a trendy and simple casual snack. The beauty of a conflict is somewhat indescribable. Put it this way! Potatoes are like food crops returned from studying abroad. They have a foreign flavor and are often made into potato chips. Salted duck eggs are like Taiwanese agricultural doctors. They often appear in home cooking, and salted egg yolk fries are like It is the beautiful spark of the two. https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_1.jpg **Small Asahi Mountains Salted Egg Yolk Fries** "Salted egg yolks and potatoes, flipping through the mouth with a new taste! 』 The new taste of salted egg yolk fries crisps, the body is a Taiwanese potato cut into strips, wrapped in salted egg yolk powder made from Taiwan duck eggs. The potato fries themselves belong to small potatoes, and each small potato has a surface on it. It is full of thick salted egg yolk flavor, and the overall surface looks beautiful and bright golden yellow color (Golden Sand). It tastes a bit crispy and good, but it does not feel too salty or greasy. https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_10.jpg **Salted Egg Yolk Fries-The Story of Crumbs** The salted egg yolk fries in the Xiaoxu Mountains are small potatoes, so some parts will be a little bit more broken, which is normal. Why is it made into small potatoes? Can't make Class 1 French fries? Because the small potatoes can get the most area of salted egg golden sand~~This is super important! Let me tell you a short story. During the development process, some customers said it was delicious, but it was a bit too broken. Therefore, we tried to dry the potatoes a little bit, try to make the small potatoes more complete, and work hard to reduce Crumbs, but! In this way, the soft and moist texture of the potato will be reduced, so we decided later that we still prefer a little soggy, so that the salted egg golden sand can cover the texture of the small potatoes, and the crumbs are also delicious. The salted egg yolk is densely surrounded, so if there is a bit of crumbs, it is normal! https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_3.jpg **Your good partner for leisure time-salted egg yolk fries** I want to stay at home on holidays, enjoy a moment of tranquility, turn on the TV and immerse myself in another fantasy time and space at will. Drink a hand shake, or have a little wine, then it is suitable for some salted egg yolk fries, your good friend at home and leisure. https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_11.jpg **Your good partner at home party-salted egg yolk fries** You are worrying when a group of good friends come to play at home and don’t know what to entertain? Here are some novel and interesting casual snacks-salted egg yolk fries, your first class welcome gift. https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_12.jpg **Evil Snack-Salted Egg Yolk Fries** In the product line of the Xiaoxu Mountain Range, the new flavored salted egg yolk fries crisps, although they are relatively heavy-tasting, evil snacks, they are not too salty and do not feel too burdensome. A lot of attention. It is very suitable to be used in a family movie theater. You can't stop one bite after another. It is recommended to use some healthy tea for relaxation to reduce guilt and balance physical and mental health. https://www.sunshinerange.com/files/ck/images/salted_egg_13.jpg


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