Forest Moss Ball - Middle Season Fern

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The mossy ball plant, which is very simple to take care of, is a good choice for office or home landscaping.



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Forest Moss Ball - Middle Season Fern

รายละเอียดสินค้า Each moss ball has a different view depending on the angle of placement. 〖 design concept〗 Take the forest home! Every unique plant moss ball has a story behind it. a moment in the journey or a glimpse of life, Inspired by photos of his own life record, Make a miniature of the miniature forest series. Ferns, small trees and plants thrive in the moss balls, I hope that people can bring home the beauty of nature. Or share it with dear people around you. 〖 Size Size 〗 Height varies from plant to plant The average diameter of the moss ball is about 5 - 7 cm 〖 Spot plant〗 (The bottom part of the page can be customized by reference to the sold part) ▼Spot - Crab Orchid (leaf type is special and will bloom) Foliage and flower close-up (scheduled photo) ▼Spot - Luo Hansong (this section contains decorative cranes on the moss ball, without chassis) Foliage close-up (scheduled photo) ▼Spot - Green Elf 〖Material Material 〗 Plants, wires and sphagnum Custom-made models can choose green moss or brown moss, round or oval 〖 Care Method〗 The moss ball has excellent water retention and when the surface is dry to the touch, Allow the moss ball to stand for about 2~3 minutes and then pick it up; It can sometimes be used for 3~7 days without watering when placed indoors. (depends on the size of the moss ball and the degree of environmental evapotranspiration) Low care is ideal for treating small things in the office. If the water cannot be watered for a long time, the moss ball can be placed in the container. Soak the lower half of the moss ball to extend the watering cycle. However, it is not recommended to soak in the water all the time, which will make the roots unable to breathe. Crab Orchid - Bright Scattering Light, Drought-tolerant and Succulent (avoiding direct light) Mountain Su and ferns - humid environment in indoor astigmatism (scattered light is better) Podocarpus - full-day half-day photos (avoid direct sunlight in summer) Ivy - bright scattering light (avoid direct sunlight in summer) Broad-leaved iron tree - full-day half-day sunshine (avoid direct sunlight in summer) Cui Yu 黛 powder leaves - bright scattering light (avoid direct light), the whole plant and juice are toxic. Star Point Wood - Bright Scattering Light (avoid direct light) Auntie 芋 - hi cloudy and humid environment (the whole plant is poisonous and not eaten) Purple-backed duckweed - both indoors and outdoors, the sun will be more beautiful and the color will be more beautiful (avoiding glare in summer) Pocket Coconut - indoor astigmatism wet environment (scattered light is better) Hemp lily - both indoors and outdoors, the sun will be more obvious spots, the moss balls will be dried and then watered Moss ball moss is a natural ecological product. If the plant grows up, the body can be removed. Plant the whole plant directly, let the small tree become a big tree. 〖Note〗 Because ferns and other plants grow faster, The photos are slightly different from the actual situation (such as sprouts, flowers, etc.). The price only covers the moss balls and plants, and does not contain the base and background materials. Custom goods can choose the color of the moss ball (brown / green) and the shape of the moss ball (circle / ellipse) (To order a solder ball, you can pull to the bottom of the referenced sold part) ▼Red crane shallow dish and double glass plate for purchase ▼Ceramic hand dish and ceramic finger holder for purchase There are other sizes of moss balls in the store. ▼Little moss ball ▼大苔球 ▼Red Crane Shallow Disc and Double Glass Plate ▼Ceramic portable dish ceramic finger holder ▼Cement absorbent pad (watermelon / pineapple) ▼Small medium large and green brown moss ball schematic (small) diameter Φ about 3~5 cm, (middle) diameter Φ about 5~7 cm, (large) diameter Φ about 7~10 cm [Selled medium-sized moss ball] ((Note: All of the following have been sold; pictures for reference can be ordered separately)) ▼Ivy (sold, customizable) (Foliage detail photo - non-local moss ball) ▼ foliage plant - round leaf pepper (sold, can be customized) Inflorescence and thick round leaf close-up (schematic photo) ▼ Season ferns (all sold, can be customized) ▼Shan Su (all sold, can be customized) ▼ foliage plant - purple back duck sedge (all sold, can be customized) (front side silver-white luster, back purple-red; fluffy, full of ornamental) ▼Gupo 芋 (all have been sold, can be customized; the whole plant is toxic!) ▼ rabbit foot fern (sold, custom can be inquired whether there is inventory) ▼ broadleaf iron tree (sold) ▼ rabbit foot fern mountain Su (sold) ▼ foliage plant - 麻点百合 (Foliage, bulbs and stems are very ornamental) ▼ foliage plant - multicolored millenium wood ▼ foliage plant - jade jade powder leaf ▼ foliage plant - white jade ▼ foliage plant - twelve gold ▼ foliage plant - pocket coconut ▼ foliage plant - star point wood Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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