Gu Gu Gu DIY Kit (can be excreted and vocalized locally by surface mail)

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Gu Gu Gu DIY Kit (can be excreted and vocalized locally by surface mail)

รายละเอียดสินค้า Chengshirenjing raised two tortoises in a small time, and he has neither goodwill nor interest in birds, and he is more afraid than parrots after biting them in anger~ Two years ago, the first time a diseased (PMV virus) pigeon was found to be in the middle of the road. He was bold enough to return to his house for recuperation. After 4 days, he returned and flew away by himself. In order to commemorate him, we helped him to change his name to "Decheng", because he was very integrated into his home during the recuperation period, so I didn’t get there~ It is the first time to observe the pigeons up close, and I feel very proud of his actions! The head is moving so fast, the feet are walking on the road, the ghost, the mouse, and Zhongcheng are unconsciously I want to make a whole toy about pigeons~ - A few years later, another BB pigeon with pigeon pox came to recuperate. Since his head was scorched, his name was "Mo Gai" (abbreviated as Mo Gai). Because of this, the pigeon design that hasn't been done in adulthood has finally been completed! - The original concept is to be a pigeon that will follow the front and back of the line. After Mo Gai arrived, he noticed that he would make a big move to lower the back seat every time the feces are finished. Every time the feces are finished, it seems to be satisfying, so funny~ ! I really want to record the last action, so why not try a whole pigeon toy that knows feces~! - This time I’m so greedy that I want to use one mechanism to make several features at the same time, including shit, a low body, a black forward, and I want it to make a sound, it’s best to only use Yi Xiaoyu Tian~ a mechanism with low shit and shit Is it more straightforward, does it take the most time to point the head while the forward dup is low? Is it possible to shoot buried wings? The biggest worry is that an organization has to deal with many actions at the same time, which will be too overloaded. After drawing the picture and finishing the first proto, it is found that it is really work! What a great satisfaction! After that, it is a small improvement~ - It’s a feature of feces. Mo Gai eats the largest grains of grains all day long. Don’t know that it’s too big to swallow. This time you can use the leftover grains from the buried channels to make the grains out of the grains. , The DIY Kit will embed a few big grains when you enter it. If you have mung beans and red beans in the house, you can use them~ - Because of Decheng, I know that there are many people in Hong Kong who care about pigeons. If you want to know more, or if you see an injured/ill bird in the street, you can go to the following group to see: Hong Kong Pigeon and Dove Rescue 🐦🐤🐥🐣Hong Kong Pigeon and Dove Rescue Hong Kong rescue doves and birds - Learn more, other departments can coexist peacefully~ #Even if you don’t like it, you don’t want to hurt #internationalpigeonday #pigeons


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There is no tracking number for surface mail, or SF Express can be used for payment| Since Inspire came to the studio to heal the white pigeon Mo Gai, the "Gu Gu Gu" DIY Kit imitated the daily excretion of pigeons, accompanied by the squeaking of birds~! By making it by hand, everyone can also understand the simple mechanical principles-toys that can move without electromagnetics!


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