Dadi Original Food-Native Ginger Powder 120g

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Dadi Original Food-Native Ginger Powder 120g


[The original food series of the earth] "Earth" represents this land, the origin of all things, Food should have grown from this land. The earth also symbolizes a natural and primitive spirit. The simple design of the glass jar body gives people a pure and transparent visual sense. The contents are clear at a glance, just like the four foods inside, Pure and natural, everything uses the lowest processing method, completely zero addition, Use the simplest way to seal the best taste of the food itself. [大目农田] Local ginger powder / 120g can The ground ginger has a special aroma and retains the original spiciness of ginger. It is warm in nature and pungent in taste, and has a stimulating taste. It is rich in ginger starch, cellulose and nutrients. It also contains the ingredient "gingerol". The way of eating, in addition to pouring hot boiling water to the consistency of personal preference, Stir it quickly with a spoon and drink it directly, or add it to milk or soy milk. It can also make ginger drinks that can be brewed into health preservation. Such as: "Healthy ginger brown sugar tea", a cup in the cold winter, warm heart and stomach warmly, , Suitable for all ages, "Ginger Vinegar and Honey Drink", Slightly spicy old ginger, mixed with sour vinegar and honey, brings out the fresh taste, absolutely unexpected. █ Difference between tender ginger / powdered ginger / old ginger Tender ginger: Ginger is planted for 4 months. The stems are thin, pale in color, tender and juicy. There are pink scaly leaves at the tip of the petiole. At this time, the harvest is called tender ginger, and the production period is May-October. Fen ginger: It is planted to 6 months. When it is half mature, the tubers are plump and plump, and the bark becomes light brown, smooth and bright. At this time, it is harvested as Fen ginger, and its production period is from January to June. Ginger: When it has been planted for 10 months and is fully mature and aging, the stem is thinner, the outer skin is thick and fibrous, the juice is less spicy and the taste is strong. At this time, the harvest is called old ginger, that is, ginger. As the saying goes: "Ginger is old and spicy" means this. Because of its durability, it can be sold in the market throughout the year, and the peak season is from August to December. █ Rich in nutrition Old ginger is more pungent and takes a long time to plant. Old ginger stems are shrunk, less juicy, and difficult to digest. But the older the ginger, the stronger the spicy taste and the better the wind-driving ability. It is used to warm the body and stimulate the body to raise body temperature. Generally old ginger is used for cooking to enhance flavor or to make tea, such as ginger soup, ginger tea, brown sugar ginger milk, baked gingerbread... █ Storage method No need to refrigerate, just keep it in a cool, dark place at room temperature. █ Way of eating [Ginger mother tea] 300c.c. hot water + one level spoon of ginger powder + two level spoons of brown sugar [Warm ginger milk] 300c.c. of hot milk + appropriate amount of ginger powder Clam Soup/ Stewed Chicken Soup/ Ginger Toast/ Christmas Gingerbread/ Healthy Grain Drink/ Lemon Ginger Sparkling Water █ Product specifications ◆Product name: [Earth Original Food Series] Pure Natural-Local Ginger Powder ◆Commodity weight: 120 grams ± 5% ◆Commodity ingredients: local ginger powder, no preservatives, no chemical additives (vegetarian) ◆Storage period: two years at room temperature.


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✔ This bottle is small and intimate, warm and warm to accompany you ✔ Dry at low temperature, lock the nutrients of old turmeric ✔ You can be warmed by a cup of ginger tea anytime ✔ Rich in ginger starch, cellulose and nutrients ✔ Cold bubble / hot bubble / cooking / stew / drinking water addition ✔ No chemical additives, no preservatives, no coloring, no fragrance


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