Reading calendar bookstore 2021 calendar-women are fearless

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"Only people who are not afraid of time can retain time." Reading the calendar bookstore is back. In the third year, we will bring you the female-powered "Reading calendar bookstore 2021"! This time, we are going to open a reading bookstore on your desk with only works by female writers.



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Reading calendar bookstore 2021 calendar-women are fearless

รายละเอียดสินค้า How many faces are women? Gentle, cold, lively, passionate, sad... Each is the truest appearance of a woman. And how do you look like? Pleasant, sad, indifferent, free and easy... Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, every day you are a new transformation and a new look. When a female writer is a delicate and changeable pen tip, she writes notes about life for you. Your days will become even more different. Reading the calendar bookstore is back, and in the third year, we will bring you the female-powered "reading calendar bookstore 2021"! This time, we are going to open a reading bookstore on your desk with only works by female writers. **|You cannot accumulate time, but you can accumulate experience through reading. |** Open the calendar and accompany you through the sentence every day comes from every tough and intelligent female writer. "I haven't wasted enough, and the ridiculous years are over."——Zhuqi "Willful and Inaction" "All we can do is to try hard, to challenge, to collide, to bleed, to discover the faint and possible value of ourselves."-Huang Weiting, "The Fog Catcher" This year, more than 180 female writers are included, and you will get to know more than 190 works, so that you can have a reason for spiritual independence in your 365 days. **|Exquisite tearing line, let you get rid of the heavy past, tearing effortlessly|** Different from the heavy and uncomfortable use of traditional traditional calendars, the calendar bookstore is neat and convenient. Just pull the corner of the page and tear it down, and there will be a perfect and seamless gap without leaving any jagged marks. In order to tear off a certain page of your calendar, you had to tear off the previous old calendar in stacks before you can tear off the latest calendar page? Reading calendar bookstore allows you to "tear effortlessly" through the layers of pages. Even if the past is heavy, it will not affect your welcome to the new life. **|The solar terms x women's characteristics, 12-month-old female illustrations, random surprises and festive elements|** In addition to sentences, there are also illustrations for the twelve months. Dyin, who has won the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award and has been a designer of a reading bookstore for three consecutive years, has cleverly integrated a variety of female lifestyles. Two women who depend closely on each other, such as a mother who accompanies the blooming of flowers, a strong woman who challenges herself, and a young girl who is mature and mature. With the changing of the four seasons, every appearance of a woman has been kneaded into a different look through the years, and through exquisite illustrations to show every aspect of women at different times of the year. From the warm spring flowers to the snow-covered earth, no matter the heat, cold or warm, she has experienced time with her proper posture. In addition to the month, every special holiday and solar term is also equipped with special illustrated eggs, which will bring surprises every day. **|Life is a multiple choice question, these three colors are for the three you in parallel time and space|** Since it is the third year, of course, we have to launch three styles and three colors: **Reading calendar green, love khaki, ELLE powder** Whether you want the ethereal temperament of reading green, or the khaki of the literary style, or the ELLE fan of the city route. This time, the almanac bookstore can satisfy the fickle you. **|180 female writers, embellish your life with their gentle and determined thoughts|** Is your life the same? Not fresh and exciting enough? Your life is distressed and boring, looking for someone who understands you? Your life is rich and interesting, but you want to give yourself space to settle? They make your daily routine a little more exciting, but they also give gentle comfort. They are brave Taiwanese, and even more determined Taiwanese women. Embellish your every day with their words and pearls. This year has included more than 180 female writers. If you want to see the complete list of writers, you can buy one and go home. **|ELLE exclusive version, let fearless thoughts bloom in your mind|** We read every day, read thoughts, read energy, read the brightness of life. ELLE X Fresh Season Book, invites celebrities such as Zhang Junning, Rainie Yang, Chen Tingni, Jia Jingwen, Chen Jiahua Ella, Molly and other celebrities to participate. Accompany you with the exclusive golden sentence in the pink version and welcome every day positively. *Please note: The sentences in the ELLE co-branded version are different from the original version. The 1st and 2nd of each month will be replaced by golden sentences from celebrity authors invited by ELLE to accompany you to welcome each day.


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