Goronto Panda Embroidery・Rucksack

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pangan daran
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ไนลอน กระเป๋าเป้สะพายหลัง สีดำ - Goronto Panda Embroidery・Rucksack


- Goron and panda embroidery, rucksack Goron and panda decorate the end of the rucksack embroidery. Goron goron around. Pandas are playing happily. Embroidered and cute for backpacks that tend to be sporty. Although it is lightweight, it has a large capacity inside. Fits tablets and laptops up to 15.6 inches. ◎ Embroidery is stabbed on the front side of the bag. Each one has a different expression because it is embroidered by a skilled craftsman, Hung, using a horizontal swing machine embroidery. ◎ YKK fasteners are used to open and close the entrance. ◎ It is lightweight because it is a polyester nylon material. ◎ The back and bottom are made of urethane material to withstand impact and weight. ◎ On the back side, there is a convenient pocket for a smartphone. ◎ There are pockets on both sides for storing plastic bottles, etc., and a D tube is attached to one of them. ◎Inside, there is one partition with urethane that can hold an iPad etc. on the back side, There is a zipper pocket on the door surface for storing keys and stationery, and an open pocket below it. With a rubber belt on the side that can store water bottles and umbrellas while standing. ■ Size: 30 cm (length) x 44 cm (width) x 11 cm (depth) ■ Weight: 345g *Products are handmade, so there are individual differences. In particular, darts and gathered items may differ by a few centimeters depending on how they are measured. Therefore, please judge the size comprehensively including the photos. Also, please note that when the product is positioned in front of the person in the photo, it often looks large. 《Black nylon fabric》 type ◎ This product will be shipped from Vietnam by regular mail. Trackable. Made by a Japanese living in Vietnam. https://youtu.be/To9853__kGY Disappearing 《Horizontal Swing Sewing Machine Embroidery》 Most of the embroidery on Pangandaran bags is embroidered with "horizontal sewing machine embroidery". How is [horizontal swing machine embroidery] different from machine embroidery? I am often asked. In ordinary machine embroidery, the machine reads the embroidery picture and the machine automatically embroiders. That's why all embroidery is uniform and exactly the same. On the other hand, "horizontal sewing machine embroidery" is a craftsmanship that embroiders embroidery pictures as the craftsman moves the cloth. Because it is made by people, each one has a different expression. No two embroidery is the same, and the stitched embroidery has a texture that makes you think it is hand-embroidered. Just imagining transferring the rough sketch to the cloth and embroidering according to the up and down movement of the sewing machine needle while looking at the original drawing is amazing craftsmanship. Currently, there are about 400 people in Vietnam who can embroider with a horizontal swing sewing machine. But among them, 50 people can work as a job. In addition, 30 people passed the 4th level, the highest rank in the embroidery test. Among them, only 10 people can embroider Pangandaran, which is said to be difficult. But being good at it is not enough. Yes, embroidery requires a sense. A little nuance makes a big difference. That's why I'm asking Mr. Hung, who has the best skills in Pangandaran. Hung is 46 years old now, but he's been stabbing since he was 15, so he's a 31-year veteran. And really good sense. We put our full trust in you. Due to recent economic development, traditional craft workplaces in Vietnam are in a difficult situation without exception. Since 2000, the number of people who can embroider with a side-swinging sewing machine has been decreasing rapidly, and it means that there are no young people who can embroider these days. It is expected that the number of craftsmen will decrease more and more in the future, and Vietnam's horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery is destined to become a light in the next ten years. In the video, Mr. Hun, a valuable and skilled craftsman, embroidered "Niwaka rain embroidery". Please take a look at the beautiful embroidery that is colored with reliable technology.


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