A Century of French Fashion Illustration-Art and Fashion Pictorial's Nouveau Style 01-Prints and Paintings

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A Century of French Fashion Illustration-Art and Fashion Pictorial's Nouveau Style 01-Prints and Paintings


【Picture 1-Picture 3 are the original pictures】 [Figure 4-Figure 9 are schematic diagrams] [With double-layer cardboard mounting (without frame) as shown in diagram 4, 5, 6] Author: Lucy Signature: [Art and Fashion] (L'Art et la Mode, 1881/1972) Name: Description in French below the picture. Technique: Lithograph, hand-painted and painted. Date: 1902.04 (written in ink in the upper left corner). Size: 35.7 x 27.8 cm (picture). 40 x 50 cm (including jammed paper). Remarks: with cardboard mounting (without frame) Number: PF-042 After the 1830s, a new type of publication appeared in Europe and the United States, appealing for fashionable dress, because of the emergence of a new middle class, fashion gradually became a trend. This kind of publication showing people's clothing and popular clothing at the time required a lot of illustrations, so illustration production has become an important tool for expressing fashion. At this time, the illustration artist used different printmaking techniques, such as direct copper engraving, etching and lithographs, to complete many plates, and then hand-painted them one by one. [Art and Fashion] is a monthly fashion magazine founded in August 1880. It is a high-end luxury-oriented magazine. The picture processing is mostly a single model, displaying high-end women's fashion and expressing it with artistic techniques. This pictorial collaborated with many artists of the time, such as Alfons Mucha and Henri Fantin-Latour, as well as well-known authors who provided articles. From the beginning of the publication to the closing of the business, [Art and Fashion] spanned nearly a hundred years, and also witnessed the changes in Western fashion since the end of the 19th century, from historicism, art nouveau, decorative art, to modern styles after World War II. , Reproduced the history of high fashion in Paris. Our collection of [Art and Fashion] illustrations are all products of the Art Nouveau period in the early twentieth century. It can be seen that the new trend of women's clothing after 1890 is maintained. All kinds of skirt supports are no longer used. The skirt hangs down naturally, lamb shank sleeves or bulging sleeves (the sleeves are shaped like lamb shanks, the upper end is open, and the section near the wrist Then tighten) to become the focus of vision. The large sleeves are put on a flat A-line long skirt, and the overall visual effect makes the waist look more slender. At the same time, with the aid of the new waistcoat, a new silhouette of women's clothing appeared: "S-curve", which is also to create a slim waist that can't be thinner. As for the illustrator Lucy, the life is unknown, but she drew a large number of fashion illustrations for the [Art and Fashion] of the early 20th century. Using lithograph techniques, she outlined many contemporary ladies and popular clothing through elegant brushstrokes. You can see her The mastery of characters and fashion has its advantages. *If you have any detailed questions, please send an email to contact the designer *The merchandisers of this design hall are mainly Western antiques, old jewellery and home accessories, and old European original prints. Old products will inevitably have traces of history, but they are cleverly arranged according to personal tastes and each has its own place, which can promote an extraordinary life Taste and aesthetics. However, those who mind, please consider carefully before placing an order.


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【A Century of French Fashion Illustration】series. After the 1830s, fashion gradually became a trend, and illustration production became an important tool for expressing fashion. The hand-painted color is delicate and charming, showing the evolution of the noble ladies' fashion style at that time, and it is worth collecting.


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