muua muua homemade three wear vest - red envelope brought

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muua muua homemade three wear vest - red envelope brought


Expected by the end of December ~ around January delivery There are other pictures, please visit private information muua homemade products finally debut !!! Long vest said I finally gave birth to a ~ ~ This is also overkill, back and forth proofing, flying cloth everywhere Every color is my love A vest can wear out of three kinds of style only me crazy this will do XD Regardless of the cost regardless of the difficulty of work ~ push to launch the most satisfactory product Must not hit the muwa homemade products quality and design is absolutely guaranteed! Color has a strong Christmas New Year atmosphere ~ Is also carefully selected Japan and South Korea's Microbubbles This is very picky, are looking for the accumulation of more than six months suit vest color! Version is the big challenge !! Since all have to do, wanted to do a look good with real wear can have a variety of high CP products !!! So combined with everyone's opinions + my selfishness + countless times back and forth proofing try Finally completed a three wear vest !! Hat removable So if you want to wear a big jacket in the hat annoying can be removed Normal wear want to have the shape or warm this sharp-eyed hat! 2. Double-sided wear design Faded flower front also can be replaced by plain back It is this double-sided wear let me discuss with the version of the teacher for a long time Also with the matching zipper, with cloth and so on Once I wanted to give up wearing XD But see the mother fighting mother wear out the results (his friend thought he took 10 a few vests because there have been different colors appear) Positive and negative both look good! Another important point is The thickness of cotton is not too thick, is the use of DuPont made in Taiwan cotton 120g Feel very soft, overall wear very light Originally considered with a little thicker cotton However, it takes into account the weather in Taiwan and the hot spots of children Therefore, the choice of more practical wear, wearing a large coat is not heavy thickness Let you wear all the way to spring no problem 🔍 About fabric [Red envelope]: Japanese fabrics, textured surface, is often used in traditional kimono fabric, out of a series of vivid colors staggered pattern, at first glance it is too suitable to wear New Year! This dress can certainly lead to many, many red envelopes! Cotton 100% Li Bu are used in Taiwan 40 cotton fabric Shop cotton for Taiwan DuPont cotton 120g Zipper made in Taiwan YKK plastic zipper Turn the slider Picture of the slider color proofing can not be dyed, the correct color will be zipper cloth color ● Price: 1580 / piece ● Size S: 80 ~ 95cm Flat amount: chest width 35 / length 37 / cap height 26cm M number: 95 ~ 110cm Flat amount: Chest width 38.5 / length 42 / cap height 27cm L number: 110 ~ 125cm Flat amount: Chest width 41 / Length 46 / Cap height 29cm --------------------------------- Version are loose Mother bucket introduction: ☀ rainy 6y 118 / 18kg thinner (Wear L number / length OK loose) Manual measurement of 1 ~ 2cm error is a normal range ============================= ◤ washing advice: Recommended gentle hand wash / long time bubble If washing with a washing machine must be placed in the laundry bag Dry in the shade ============================= ☻ muua exclusive collar tag / tag / packaging ☻ South Korea Japan synchronized colors ☻ old experience Taiwan sample full support ☻ quality is very good, do not lose counters # Because irregular floral pattern so every cut to the pattern will be a slight drop, do not mind those who order ◤ cloth use Strict selection of South Korea / Japan's latest cotton fabric The latest color! Let you in front of ~ In addition to color, it will also feel comfortable and breathable, so that your baby wear comfortably as the first consideration Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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