[Blessing bag] Retro bead tassel earring dangle earrings 4 optional lucky bags

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My Dear
My Dear
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[Blessing bag] Retro bead tassel earring dangle earrings 4 optional lucky bags


**Vintage beads & tassel earrings lucky bag** 1 set of 4 pieces, please choose 1 from each of the 4 sets below, a total of 4 pieces. __Group A Tassel Dangle Earrings__ A1 Beads: Oblate round beads (Germany/old thing), about 10mm, glass material, semi-pink, semi-transparent color (the ratio of the two colors is different for each) Tassel: Set of pink, beige, light gray and green, Japanese cotton and Linen wire, the wire is thick and thin, adding interest. Size: Approximately 5cm in total length (without ear hooks) A2 Beads: Baiyun round beads (Japan), resin material. Tassels: light pink, milky white, light gray green, silver cotton and Linen wire (Japan), some of the wires are uneven and curled to add fun. Size: Approximately 5.5cm in total length (without ear hooks) A3 Beads: Rose carved round beads (Japan), resin material. Tassels: sea blue, dark blue, light gray purple, silver, cotton mixed with Silver thread, some of the thread is uneven, adding interest. Size: Approximately 5cm in total length (without ear hooks) A4 Beads: Three-dimensional diamond twisted glass beads (Germany), pure white, about 8mm, glass material, very nostalgic. Tassel: light gray blue, pink purple, silver, cotton mixed with Silver wire (Japan, France), some of the wire is uneven, adding interest. Size: Approximately 5cm in total length (without ear hooks) __Group B Nostalgic Beaded x Japanese Modern Accessories Dangle Earrings__ Beads: Rice glass beads are only 6-8mm in height, very small and exquisite. Matched with Swarovski crystals, shiny and elegant. Accessories: Japanese engraved arc metal accessories, slender, durable and not easy to fade. 2 Way design, the arc metal fittings can be removed, making two styles, flexible and practical. B1 Beads: Tiffany pink blue. Size: Approximately 4.5cm in total length (without ear hooks) B2 Beads: Amethyst color. Size: Approximately 4.5cm in total length (without ear hooks) B3 Beads: Peach Pink Size: Approximately 3.5cm in total length (without ear hooks) __Group C noble and elegant taste nostalgic beaded x Japanese metal spacer ring accessories pendant earrings__ C1 Top-Japanese vintage high-quality brand-name plastic pearls, light brown, full of lustre and nobleness. Middle---Japanese silver-plated engraved spacer ring Bottom---vintage light pink three-sided oblong glass beads, milky white, shiny. Size: Approximately 3cm in total length (without ear hooks) C2, C3 Top-Japanese vintage plastic beads. Middle---Japanese silver-plated engraved spacer ring Next---German vintage light pink/pink blue olive-shaped glass beads. Size: Approximately 2.5cm in total length (without ear hooks) C4 On ---vintage black gold pumpkin beaded. Middle ---Czech classical spacer ring. Bottom---German flat olive-shaped marble texture resin beads. The marble texture is very elegant and beautiful, the texture is good, and the rare oval shape. Size: Approximately 3cm in total length (without ear hooks) __Group D Symphony Ear Pins__ D1 * White lilies, resin, pan-color light, different angles reflect different colors of light. * The direction of the flowers is uniform, and there is no right or left. Size: Height about 1.2cm D2 * The purple-red gradient color, the embossed rice-character pattern, the reflection of different angles is vague or obvious. (Or there may be one obvious and one slightly faint, and Vintage goods cannot be selected when they are purchased. This is the uniqueness of the old thing, please understand.) Size: Approximately 0.8cm in diameter D3 * Pink round shape, creamy white color with shimmering dots, very beautiful. Size: Approximately 1.2cm in diameter D4 *Weilan earth texture round beads, round texture. Size: Approximately 1cm in diameter All 925 sterling silver ear pins/ear hooks, Clip-On can be changed. More comfortable and better to use Japanese anti-allergic, pain-reducing ear acupuncture, Clip-On and accessories (additional purchase of goods), please go here: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/3f3xJbu3 Remarks * Vintage beads generally refer to beads that were manufactured 30-99 years ago and have been discontinued now, or may have slight scratches and missing corners. They are also full of intoxicating nostalgia, uniqueness and enduring due to the design and materials of the old times. the taste of, The vintage beads used by Aki are personally selected from Europe, the United States, and Japan. After cleaning and inspection, make sure that there are no obvious scars before using them. Please rest assured to purchase. * Vintage beads refer to the beads (old things) of the old age, which have not been used and are not second-hand. * If the vintage bead is damaged during use, it will not be replaced. *Mind the vintage accessories, please consider carefully. *The quantity of vintage bead is very small, and the goods cannot be returned when sold out. If you meet by chance, please cherish it, don't hesitate, don't miss it. Message Card https://live.staticflickr.com/4832/45743298485_1ec718d5db_n.jpg If this is a gift to express your heart, Aki will make a unique "heart card" for you, You can print your name and blessings, Let an exquisite gift become more heartwarming. * Please tell me the content of the heart card in the remarks column. * This is hand-made, not for sale. * If the content of the card is not specified, it will not be added to the product box. For packaging, mailing, maintenance, etc., please go here to understand, thank you. https://hk.pinkoi.com/product/7T5Sca7U Made in Hong Kong by Silent Moment / Aki


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A set of 4 vintage and tassel earrings. Choose 1 from each of the 4 combinations.


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