[Customized gift for boys] Rechargeable four-in-one gift box laser engraving custom nose razor shave

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[Customized gift for boys] Rechargeable four-in-one gift box laser engraving custom nose razor shave - สกินแคร์ผู้ชาย - วัสดุกันนำ้ สีดำ


**[Ever-awaited - Brand new rechargeable version] MB-990 Auburn rechargeable four-in-one contouring gift box** https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_074299f4-88f7-4d71-9eb5-2d98888a201d.jpg **Ships every working day** Orders placed before 2 p.m. will be sent out on the same day. If you choose home delivery, you will have the opportunity to receive it the next day at the earliest. The fastest pick-up at the supermarket will be at the store 2 days after shipment. **Laser engraving customized products are shipped every Tuesday and Friday** The order will be settled and made on Monday and Thursday at noon, so that your thoughts will not be late! ● Four knives in one, one machine to treat hair on the entire face (nose razor/shaving razor/contouring razor/ shave) ● The charging base can be stored and the light design allows you to keep track of the battery status at any time. ●Precision waterproof design, the whole machine is washable ● Japanese Mabuchi motor, first-class horsepower and efficiency ● Japanese high-carbon steel blade is not afraid of scratches and will never be roughened **Textured packaging, the first choice for gift giving** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/LkdiQrKF ([This product can be purchased as an add-on, and you can add a customized laser engraving with an English name] Click here to place an order at the add-on store) https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_14497449-557b-4e14-a920-80907fecf639.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_78d09c04-024e-40e9-8a08-d8ca66a1f66c.jpg **Precision micro blade, even the smallest hairs are not spared** MB-062 Auburn electric eyebrow trimmer (eyebrow trimmer), with a precision micro-blade design, is specially designed to take care of fine facial hair. It can easily solve even the smallest details, and naturally exude personal charm between the eyebrows. **The whole machine is designed to be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about washing it directly with water.** Auburn's entire machine has a precision waterproof design, so it is not afraid of water when used in the bathroom. The cutter head can be cleaned directly with water, which is quick, convenient and hygienic. **High carbon steel blade imported from Japan, matched with Mabuchi motor imported from Japan** Auburn specially selects the top-grade high-density carbon steel blade imported from Japan, which is hard and durable. It is equipped with a Mabuchi motor imported from Japan, which has super horsepower, allowing you to use it quickly and conveniently without getting stuck. **Three-dimensional circular safety blade, specially designed for the nasal cavity structure** MB-041 Auburn Electric Nose Hair Sculptor has a rounded blade specially designed to fit the curves in the nasal cavity. It is safe, comfortable, and does not pull hair. It can quickly repair exposed nose hair and show a neat and masculine look. **Patented design of the cutter head, 360-degree flushing of the lint discharge channel, fast and convenient flushing with water** MB-041 Auburn electric nose hair razor has an original patented blade and a 360-degree flushing and hair drainage channel design. Just open the nose hair razor and rinse it directly under the faucet. The nose hair residue will be quickly cleaned and discharged. Cleaning is simple, fast, convenient and clean. health. **Five length trimming adjustments to easily create the perfect beard shape** MB-042 Auburn electric beard trimmer, comes with a five-stage length adjustment comb (2/5/8/11/14mm). Without the adjustment comb, the length is 1mm. You can adjust the length of your beard as you like, simple and easy Create a handsome beard. **The thin elastic knife mesh fits the skin and is clean without leaving any traces.** MB-063 ultra-thin elastic safety blade can closely fit the curvature of the skin. It has the power of an electric razor and the comfortable feel of a manual shave. **Safety blade design, safe to use without scratching or pulling hair** The cutter heads of all Auburn products are designed to be safe, easy to use, and safe without scratching or pulling hair. **The charging base can also be stored, so you can keep track of the battery status at any time.** The charging base can also be used as a storage base for electric clippers. The USB charging cable is not restricted by the location of the socket. It can be charged by computers and mobile power supplies. The light display design on the body makes it easy to control the power at any time. https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_73d06868-adfa-4ae0-9ea6-1bfa831eb751.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/7c557f0b-6878-4881-998c-9a35e1d7e868.gif https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/6aee938f-45ad-473b-b391-5c928a005187.gif ▍**Laser engraving time and shipping time** **Laser engraving customization is shipped every Tuesday and Friday** Orders will be placed on Monday and Thursday morning and will be shipped the next day, so your wishes will not be late! **If you have time requirements for gift delivery, please remember to order in advance so that the most unique gift can be delivered on time!** ▍**Laser Engraved English Name** *English names are currently accepted, the font is Bluebell font (the style is as follows), the maximum number of characters can be 15 letters (including spaces), and can include uppercase and lowercase letters https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_94c46ce3-f5cc-4bd2-acc2-a37f9fc99485.png *If it is a birthday gift, you can provide the birthday month and date MM/DD as well as the zodiac sign to customize a unique birthday surprise! ▍**Customized Laser Engraving Instructions** . Engraving is a customized service and cannot be returned once produced (including products and engraving). Please confirm again before placing an order. Thank you! . Please refer to the photo for the laser engraving position of the product. https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_b8e8a80a-0da6-4a27-a632-691c0f0d74bc.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_c3156db9-c608-4a6f-bda1-1decfa3f43ba.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_0d660598-b2e2-4010-b8cc-ddcb30fb63f7.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_2cfe1ac2-ea47-4afc-b094-f6537af92863.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_86f20bdb-ef85-4d0c-8dd7-4c2a2c27eb70.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_985b2a50-3164-460d-bc22-e1dbbd5eb183.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_6e4535d0-7c18-471a-bbb2-b26a82e987f0.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_f70ce12f-a4d3-4d5f-ad06-00a120c7db8b.jpg **Specifications** MB-990 Auburn rechargeable four-in-one trimming gift box set (nose razor/shaving razor/contouring razor/ shave) Product size: 14 cm x 2.7 cm x 2.7 cm Product weight: 94 grams (excluding charging stand) Motor brand: Japanese MABUCHI motor Blade material: High carbon steel blade imported from Japan Usage time: about 100 minutes Charging time: about 6.5 hours, 5V/1A Country of production: Taiwan Warranty period: 12 months This gift box set contains the following products MB-041 Auburn water-washable electric nose razor (blade + body) MB-042H trimmer head (with 2, 5, 8, 11, 14mm trimming adjustment combs) MB-062H trimmer head (with 2, 4, 6, 8mm adjustment combs) MB-063H shave head Charging stand, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, manual


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●New rechargeable version ●Purchase a limited edition hand-held paper bag + card ●Four-in-one, one machine to treat all facial hair (shave/nose hair/shaving/shaping) ●Texture packaging, the first choice for gift giving ●The entire machine is washable ●Mabuchi from Japan Motor, top-notch horsepower and efficiency ●Japanese high-carbon steel blade, no scratching or linting


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