Winter kitten ball hand-painted hand-made ear acupuncture-non-allergic steel needle / can be changed clip type-rotating and adjustable elasticity

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little one & coffee
little one & coffee
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พลาสติก ต่างหู สีเทา - Winter kitten ball hand-painted hand-made ear acupuncture-non-allergic steel needle / can be changed clip type-rotating and adjustable elasticity


Cold winter is here The kittens started looking for something soft and warm found it! Nest up one by one Nest into a kitty ball Soft and warm, so happy~ Snoring, snoring, snoring, snoring, snoring... The kittens nested into a kitten ball on their soft earlobes and fell asleep zZZ ♦The hand-painted part will be completely protected by thick transparent glue, not afraid of scratches. (See the back picture of the ear acupuncture above) ♦Size 1×1.1cm sold in pairs A piece of alcohol cotton and a spare ear bundle are included with the ear acupuncture (please do not touch the glue behind the ear acupuncture with alcohol cotton) ♦Material resin is not allergic to steel needles / can be changed to the rotating Clip-On ♦Maintenance Do not squeeze forcefully Take a bath and sleep Don't use chemicals (please don't touch the glue behind the ear acupuncture with alcohol cotton) Try not to touch the water, please wipe dry as soon as possible. Please use the gift box to protect the bag Usually can be put in the attached small zipper bag and small box to prevent dust, if it is dirty, you can wipe it with a dry cloth glasses cloth ♦In response to environmental protection, if you buy more than two pairs at a time and need to be packaged separately, please tell me first Little one & coffee will pack the goods carefully! Hope you will be happy when you receive it! ~♫ Please read the product description carefully before placing a bid, if you have any questions, please be sure to ask! Little one & coffee, little one & coffee, are two cats that live with me. The little one grows very big, still a little kitten in his heart. Coffee-colored coffee is as warm as hot coffee in winter. In their childlike eyes, simple things are very interesting, There are always novelties in life, simple little luck is satisfied happiness, Looking at them makes me feel that life can be so simple and beautiful. I hope that my work can also convey this feeling to everyone. ♦Please support adoption instead of buying ligation instead of culling ♦ Animals in the shelter were culled without adoption for 12 days. Give them a chance to irrigate with your love. They will be the cutest and healthiest! And will repay you with a lifetime of love Remind you: 1. Try to complete the payment within 7 days after placing the order. Pinkoi will cancel the order after the 7th day. 2. After the arrival of the goods, if the goods are not received within the time limit and are returned, the buyer must pay the second shipping fee, and we will send it to you as soon as possible. 3. Please be sure to fill in the recipient's information clearly, and show your personal ID to receive the package! 4. We have tried our best to avoid chromatic aberration, but different screens still have different proportions of chromatic aberration! Friends who mind color aberration very much! Please place an order after careful consideration. The color is subject to the actual product. 5. Please contact us for special requirements 6. If you want to return or exchange the goods without defects, you must bear the round-trip freight yourself, and the refund will need to absorb the Pinkoi handling fee (10% of the product price) Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan handmade


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Each earring is hand-drawn and made.


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