Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream wood products woodworking with 400g wood maintenance wood maintenance


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  • Japan imported natural beeswax cream wood products woodworking with 400g wood maintenance wood maintenance

    For long years accompanied by our side of the wood products, wooden furniture and wood flooring, due to daily contact
    Always accidentally bring scars. In order to be used for a long time, it will use protective paint or
    Is waxing maintenance, but most of the skin care products contain organic solvents and emulsifiers and other stimulating
    Composition, in order to solve everyone's troubles, tail Hill products using a natural raw materials as beeswax
    Cream ingredients.
    Raw materials are made of Japanese beeswax, rapeseed oil from Toyama Prefecture, linseed oil,
    Sen County produced cypress oil, packaging is also used to the environment without the burden of recycling of aluminum cans and paper

    Can be widely used in wood flooring, wood tables and chairs or wood products, wood products can be more
    Vitality, and other coatings are also very good, you can also have been in the poor quality of the painting of the wooden
    Use on merchandise.

    Do not stimulate the skin, there is no pungent taste, please happy with the wood products through the happy day.

    "Figure 2 The right side of the wooden phone shell is not before the appearance of honey cream cream
    Figure 2 left the same material for the walnut on the waxy wax cream look

    You will find the whole color back to the original vitality of the color will also find the wooden shell on the pores
    It seems to breathe in general, when you touch the wooden shell that moment, but also feel the most primitive nature
    Of the woods feel the shortcomings of the need for a fixed period of time to maintain the wipe to keep the wood color "

    "Figure three right wooden wooden shell is the use of traditional two-point paint method looks and feels very drift
    Bright but plastic feel, the advantage is not often maintenance. "

    【**wood products with honey wax cream 400g**】

    Applies to:
    Wood flooring, uncoated wood, wooden dining table, wooden tables and chairs, acoustic guitar, senior wooden sound,
    Wood carving products, Buddha statues, traditional wooden crafts.

    The Japanese beeswax
    The Linen oil
    The Spring oil
    The Toyama produced rapeseed oil
    The Aomori produced cypress wood

    According to the tree species and materials to determine the use of wood products, for example, cotton to pick the right amount, can even smear
    On wood products can be. To wood floor, for example, 16.5 ~ 19.8 square meters (about 5 ~ 6 Ping) Fan
    Approximately 200 grams of beeswax cream.

    According to the situation of wood products, uncoated wood products only with honey wax cream on the oil situation, if the wood
    Products lose their sense of gloss, you can oil maintenance.

    To the original maintenance of the original floor, about three to six months to do the second maintenance, if the coating
    Part of the thinning or peeling, then you need to re-maintenance.

    1. Please use the wood products before wiping clean, if there is serious dirt, you can first surface
    Dirty washed and completely dried before use.
    2. Use a dry cloth or a harder sponge (car waxing sponge can be), stained with wood products wax cream,
    Gently applied to wood products.
    3. Wait 30 minutes after waiting for wood products to absorb.
    4. Wipe dry with a dry cloth to complete the maintenance.

    ※ Please take a small amount of the first use, repeated wipe repeatedly to show wood luster.

    [Wood products beeswax cream small classroom]

    Q1. What do I need to prepare for using beeswax cream?

    A: Please use a clean cotton and harder sponge can be easily maintained, after the completion of maintenance procedures with soap
    Wash your hands.

    Q2. How much use is required at a time?

    A: to wooden mobile phone shell, for example, cotton cloth to pick the right amount, can be evenly coated on the wooden phone shell can be.
    If the log floor, for example, according to different wood species, the initial maintenance, then, 40g of beeswax cream can be about
    Using a flat area, 200g of beeswax cream can use about 5 pings of area. The second and subsequent security
    Raise, 40g of the weight can be used in 2 Ping area, 200g can be used in 10 Ping area.

    Q3. How long is the validity period?

    A: Please try to use within two years after the use of open cans

    Q4. Will the sticky slippery on the wooden floor?

    A: thick coating of the case, no longer wipe with a dry cloth will sticky slip, thin coated after 30 minutes
    And then wipe with a dry cloth, then there will be no sticky slip of the situation occurred.

    Q5. What is the durability after maintenance?

    A: Because it is natural material as raw material, compared with the general sale of the maintenance oil is easier to fall off but also better suction
    Receive To wooden mobile phone shell, as long as there is no gloss, you can apply beeswax cream maintenance. A ceremony
    Worship can be maintained once. To wood floor, one year to maintain one or two times, please use love to protect your wood

    Q6. Beeswax cream where the storage is better?

    A: Please put it in a cool place (to avoid storage in the direct sunlight and humidity changes too much place) after opening, please two years
    Within the use of finished.

    Q7. Wooden flooring and wooden toys with wood products, beeswaxes, and children at home are inadvertently exposed to the mouth
    What's the problem?

    A: coated with honey wax cream after a dry cloth to do it again, basically there is no problem. just,
    Some children will be allergic to wood products, please parents should pay attention to this point.
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Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream wood products woodworking with 400g wood maintenance wood maintenance

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