Pint! Linen kitchen towel

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Pint! Linen kitchen towel

รายละเอียดสินค้า Pint! Shiga, Japan, and a traditional craftsman "forest and the" development of pure linen products. ■ About "Pint!" Pint! Was founded in 2012, dedicated to the production of "real fit the traditional Japanese techniques and materials (= Pint! Product)" Life grocery brands. Pint! Not only pay attention to the design of the product itself, and focus on making a long series of groceries can really be used in a wide range of modern life. Expectations through Pint! Can inherit the traditional Japanese art of product introduction to more preferences to enjoy every individual life. ■ About "Forest and" Forest and was founded in 1897 (AD 1897), has been committed to retain from the ancient tradition "shuttle loom" production technology. Because of the changing times, there are now close to extinction shuttle looms. Because there are not like the modern looms weaving machines generally high-speed production. So long preserved forest and traditional technologies is particularly valuable, in fact, continue to get major apparel brand recognition and support backbone. Of course, I'm with the continuation of a long history of the brand is not only the traditional technology, research and development of new production technology is one of the strengths of the forest. ■ About "shuttle looms." Use of woven textile fabrics machine will show the full profile, and in density than the general fabric of dense, braided line is also used for 2 to 3 times higher than the average length of fabric. Thus produced fabric not only water is high, but also for the long years of use. Generally, in Japan linens are manufactured in Europe, and this product is made of traditional Japanese master, toughness and water absorption than in other countries to good manufacturing linens. The colored part of the Japanese master made a special trip to Europe imported antique linen in Europe has not reproduced the. Very precious. [Specification] 35 × 55cm [Material] linen 100% Linen 100% [Precautions] Maximum temperature of 30 degrees, machine washable with water to clean weak Do not bleach Do not dry clean Do not tumble dry Ironing temperature mattress Recommend eating before the first wash once before, after the first cleaning will shrink about 5 to 10% [Color] (Right → left) White · Dark green · blue · yellow Pink, red, khaki, red, orange · black · navy · ※ We're sorry, red, dark green and cyan Zao, there is no inventory. [On Order] Pint! Commodities are based on extremely rigorous handmade and limited production. If you order goods not in stock, contact you by mail. If stock, 3-5 working days to complete payment to EMS or international parcel mailed and e provide express delivery number. Limited commodity initial defect production process, or damage during transmission can be returned. Returns will not be accepted over the circumstances of the non. Please contact by mail within 7 days of arrival. If the reason for the return is sent in the process of damage, please inform the invoice (Invoice) number. ※ goods tariffs Total value of goods (including transaction price, freight and insurance) NT $ three thousand yuan or less, duty-free. When the total value of more than three thousand yuan Taiwan dollars or more, generally imported goods mostly by "valorem tax levied tariffs", the buyer bear. (Import tariffs linen articles 5 to 12% + sales tax) Made in Japan


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