OSICHEF Mermaid stainless steel teapot beep - Black

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OSICHEF Mermaid stainless steel teapot beep - Black


/ Commodity Description and story /
Mermaid elegant curves like a pot inclined to sit Coast beauty, graceful and elegant and moving, when the water boiling pot tone, soft sound as if the mermaids singing proudly, simple and neat rounded shape TPR material handle, secure and comfortable grip, Let your senses enjoy full boils water in the process.

Mermaid pot flawless surface flow lines rounded to oval shape to draw perfect arc, exquisite escape modeling framework of traditional teapots, repeated processing of mirror-polished color is more beautiful, graceful shape and texture to enhance your lifestyle, definitely was the most dazzling focal point.

[Thickening fast thermal Hudi]
Special thick aluminum end design, thermal quickly and evenly, faster and more energy-efficient boiler. Simple bounce mouth cover, beautiful and more ergonomic. Spout more beep function, water safety remind roll plus!

/ Size, size, size /
Dimensions: Diameter 20cm, height 24cm,
Capacity: 2.5 liters
Packing: Length Width 20.5x 20.5x height 24cm

/ Material /
Top stainless steel body, a special thick thermal aluminum bottom, TPR insulated handle

/ Operate and maintain /
Basic Protection
Do not use the tea in a strong flame. So please read the following precautions:
Our teapot can be heated in a gas stove, gas stove, cooker and so on.
● Please use dish detergent before first use can be cleaned thoroughly.
● Do not dry dry teapot, in order to avoid overheating melt plastic parts.
● Do not steel brush to wash the teapot, so as not to scratch the glossy surface.
● Do not place the pot in the microwave heating, to avoid danger.
● Do not let the tea at high temperature rinse with cold water. Avoid deformation temperature changes.
● Do not let the flame larger than the pot bottom. So as not to handle melt.

Remove dirt and maintenance
Minerals in the water may be left in the jug scale is harmless mineral residue. If you want to clean the scale provides several ways for your reference:

● Use a thermos special natural scale detergent diluted soaking jar and wait about an hour later with a sponge to clean.
● You can add lemon slices soaked in hot water, one hour after cleaning.
● to place one hour after the ten parts of water to a ratio of white vinegar to boil before cleaning.
● Stainless steel teapot stainless steel mirror is available with special foam cleaner or wipe with a cloth dampened with talcum powder, can guarantee long bright.
● bite flower plastic handle available mineral oil or baby oil stained cloth, long warranty and bright.

/ Origin /
China + Taiwan

This warranty does not include man-made, such as accidents, misuse, accident or damage caused by transportation.
This warranty does not cover collisions, failures and damage drop, dry and other circumstances caused.
This warranty does not include fire, earthquake faults and other damage caused by natural disasters.
More unforeseen circumstances cause damage to other parts of the lid or handle European hi kitchen provide you with repair or replacement service, subject to a fee.

Within seven days if the quality problem, please complete package with the purchase receipt with information, return the place of purchase or contact the distributor to replace the new products.


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