340cc [carving] Delphinus marine animals - innocent freedom Chaser glass cups beverage cup glass carving birthday gift Delphinus customization

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340cc [carving] Delphinus marine animals - innocent freedom Chaser glass cups beverage cup glass carving birthday gift Delphinus customization


**Please contact press [designer] Remarks lettering content (in English, Japanese and Korean digital can)** Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Brand: Bormioli Rocco Italy Material: glass / drink cup / cup of whiskey Size: diameter of about 8.7 cm / height of about 10.8 cm / 340cc **Customized range: Dolphins + a text** **(Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing)** https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/578078026170692b3ccd1c00/xlarge.jpg?1468037121 Delphinus (Latin name Delphinus) In Delphinus themed design is determined by four main stars are arranged in a diamond-shaped structure in the northern sky constellation is small, but has some Greek myth, let the world know that dolphins are very spiritual, and even human soul Communicating Like dolphins except it makes you feel warm and friendly, but also because he's smart and lovable lovable! Like dolphins swim in the sea, along with getting drinking water dolphin swim slowly out of the water when filled with water https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/578078026170690bb7931b00/xlarge.jpg?1468037122 Greek mythology there was a famous musician, he is the son of the sun god Apollo, Orpheus. In ancient times, in the world also has an extraordinary musician, he lived in the Aegean coastal city of Corinth name also Rion. Yari Weng unlike Orpheus as nobility, childhood home, there is no strong musical atmosphere, but with the same Orpheus and selfless investment, he still reached the shaking ZZZZZZZZZ exotic realm. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/578078026170690fc2ca1b00/xlarge.jpg?1468037121 Mediterranean people are very fond of music, they often hold various music competitions. One day, I heard that the upcoming Asia Rion a grand musical race in Sicily, musicians everywhere will be thousands of miles to attend the meeting, a remarkable skill. Although he has been renowned throughout the city, but still want to participate in this event, so that people around the world can listen to his melody. Yari Weng musical talent shocked the whole tournament, the game eventually wore the crown on his head. Not only in Corinth, throughout the Mediterranean, and even the whole world echoed with his melody. Several sailors return trip in order to get his fortune forced Yari Weng jumped into the sea, curl of smoke, he sucked in cold air on the mouth of the Mediterranean, desolate feeling stuffed inside, Yari Weng for his play last music, sound at the piano, waves Taotao, the situation discoloration. Also attracted a dolphin in the boat lingered for a long time could not bear to leave. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57807802617069111f501d00/xlarge.jpg?1468037121 After playing the last note, Yari Weng picked up the piano jumped into the sea. When he woke up, found under the body, there is something positive holding themselves and swam ashore. Until stepping on the soft sand on shore, he was seen, is the piece of dolphins saved him. Dolphin fondly looked at him, reluctantly swam away. Yari Weng slowly stood up, looked up! Corinth dreaming of home in front! Dolphin rescue act has reached heaven, Zeus was very moved. He put the loyalty of dolphin raised to heaven, this is the Delphinus. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/56331ed969702d37e3670300/source.jpg?1446190809


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