Japanese original wooden infant beginner dedicated group round spoon + fork chubby cute adults can also be used

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Japanese original wooden infant beginner dedicated group round spoon + fork chubby cute adults can also be used


/ Product Description /
Thick and carefully polished, rounded grip guide for baby delicate little hands. Round spoon with a special grip angle is given to the baby can not yet control, such as adult-like grip and into the mouth of operation and design. Chubby fork grips with the visual proportions, looks is super cute, adults are also greatly loved in Japan!

- About seven months or more infants apply. When infants and young children, accompanied by adults sure next.

-SAWO Wood grain meticulous obvious characteristics from khaki to reddish brown color gradient (Figure 4), so as each to SAWO wooden utensils may be different colors, two colors may also appear on the same pieces of cutlery ! Random outstanding, and photographs will not be exactly the same, it can not specify the color Oh. However, the color will be the same set of cutlery close.

- Figure II for manufacturers to provide the explanation pattern ,, for reference, not the packaging included.

/ Size /
21 * side height 1.7cm diameter

/ Material /
SAWO wood, waterproof coating

/ Operate and maintain /
1. due to the natural production of wood or bamboo, each dish is different color and grain, and adopt random shipments.
2. Make sure to use before and after sponge and neutral detergent thoroughly.
3. Do not use a grinding effect of washing cleaning tools.
4. Unless otherwise specified, does not apply to dishwashers, dish dryer, microwave, oven.
5. Not to boiling, liquid and microwave disinfector.
6. dirt and moisture attached to the tableware if prolonged will lead to corrosion damage, so clean immediately after use.
7. Please wash wipe dry thoroughly with water and placed in a dry place.
8. Do not place a long time in a liquid.
9. Do not place beside the fire.
10. cutlery into the pot on the fire might burn, Please be careful.
11. Do not leave in direct sunlight in order to prevent discoloration and deformation.
12. If there is any damage and deformation, please stop using

/ Other notes /
Japanese manufacturers set up factories in Indonesia supervise production
Origin / manufacturing methods


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