Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream with green tea 40g TN leather shoes leather wallet handmade leather care

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Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream with green tea 40g TN leather shoes leather wallet handmade leather care


** Taiwan's exclusive agent to sell green tea cream beeswax **

In order to reward yourself and mind to pay attention to for a long time to buy leather goods, because it is hi
Huan and want to spend a lifetime in the side a lot of leather, but leather surface detail,
Always worried about cracks, grease or water stains generation, in order to prevent these situations
Occurs, it will use the cream or leather oil maintenance, but most of all with leather oil
There are other organic solvents and emulsifiers irritating chemical composition, because of these reasons, total
Not to mention motivation oil maintenance ...
In order to solve this trouble, Oyama lumber using natural materials as leather products
Beeswax cream ingredients. Materials are made in Japan beeswax, Japan Toyama Prefecture rapeseed oil
Chun made with oil.
Calfskin heels, shoes, purses, wallets, and leather gloves and other leather products Jieke
Use, not to hurt the hand and no pungent taste, so when you can maintain beloved leather
Put more love.

[Leather with beeswax cream - green tea 40g]

Most of the green material are afraid of water, light and heat, through the passage of time and temperature
Could easily lead to chlorophyll into brown. So usually commercially bottled green tea in order paute
Let the colors look like freshly brewed tea, green, yellow color understandable added
Plain and bright green pigment. In order to prevent discoloration of chlorophyll, Oyama lumber adopted
Green tea, aloe, kale and other green plants, even after heating can keep natural
Green tea.

Oyama lumber will Beeswax Cream with green tea extract integration, and success is not easy to produce acidification
Beeswax green tea cream.

Applies to:
Calfskin heels, shoes, purses, wallets, and leather gloves and other leather products

How to use:
According to the shoe type and state, basically installed capacity of about 40g can maintain 32
※ After the initial maintenance, according to condition leather prevail, about one month to three months
Can do the second maintenance, if part of a thin coating or off it, the anti-splash
When in water weakens need maintenance again.

Please Wipe 1. Before using leather surface.
2. If a serious dirt, please use cleaning agents, after the removal of surface dirt
3. be thoroughly dry before the leather products, special beeswax cream.
※ When the naked eye can not see the state coat of beeswax cream mold maintenance, may be
Causing mold proliferation, so thoroughly clean before frost maintenance with beeswax.
4. Use a dry cloth or directly to the finger picks beeswax cream, gently smear on the leather
The product
※ Please use Dip, if once a very large number of leather wax can cause frost
White leather surface feels sticky and, if this happens, please take a dry cloth and
Grind until absorption.
5. After 30 minutes waiting for leather absorption
6. Wipe again with a dry cloth to complete the maintenance.

"Leather natural beeswax cream small classroom."

Q1. Before using beeswax cream What else do you need?

A: Use a clean cloth and a hard sponge can easily maintenance, complete maintenance
After the program you can wash your hands with soap

Q2. How much amount of time needed to use it?
A: Cream with cotton gently glide wax surface, it is recommended that one should not dampened too.

Q3. Expiration date about how long?
A: Please try to use the cans used up within two years

Q4. Leather will be sticky After the leather cream beeswax slippery it?
A: thick coating of the case, there is no longer a dry cloth, then will sticky slippery, thin
For 30 minutes and then coated with a dry cloth to completely wipe off the case, there would be no sticky slide
Slippery situation occurs.

Q5. How durability after maintenance?
Since is a natural material as raw material, compared to the general maintenance of commercial oil is easier to fall off
But also better absorbed. If part of a thin coating or off it, water repellent properties
When maintenance is required once again becoming weaker.

Q6. Beeswax cream store where the squatters?
A: Please put in a cool place (avoid storing in direct sunlight and humidity change too many places)
After opening, please use the completed within two years.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Japan


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