Bao Bei Wang Leather Handmade Shoes (Female) [Frosted Cow/Bean Sole/Plum Red]

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Bao Bei Wang Leather Handmade Shoes (Female) [Frosted Cow/Bean Sole/Plum Red]


Leisure, office, communication once met, work & amp; travel necessary good shoes! The entire pair of shoes are made of soft, comfortable leather good air permeability ~ Even the need to run hard all day - also said Bai Bai to smelly feet! Can be used with a variety of colors and styles Important occasions not rude ~ Commute to work a good mood ~ Pamper yourself family pet ♥ ♥ Fort Tony Wang outdoor shoes by DIN53316, ISO17075 double entry test - non-toxic substances (azo dyes and hexavalent chromium) - Security is guaranteed! & Lt; < an order, the master began to hand-order, you need to wait 14 to 20 working days (excluding holidays) > > Material: 100% sheepskin uppers + Full pigskin breathable insole inside Packaging: dust bag, environmental protection bag a Fort Tony Wang Origin: Taiwan design, Made in China Little reminder: soled minimum size of 15cm & Amp; Size: 24.5 (39), 25 (40), 25.5 (41), 26cm (42), 26.5cm (43), 27cm (44), 27,5cm (45) Q1: shoes version of big or small, should buy a large 0.5 cm it? → due to the use of 100% sheepskin, soft material, shoes and belong to "Wide", recommended to buy "just right." Mom girl shoes usually wear a size 37 (23.5cm) → purchase 23.5cm Chick usually PU leather (15.5-16cm) → set for 15.5cm Davenport usually sneakers (15-15.5cm) → set for 14.5cm Dad girl shoes to wear No. 42 (26cm) → set for 26cm Enge Ge sneakers (19-20cm) → set for 19cm [Race with three kinds of leather / sole material comparison and] Soft index: frosted > sheep > patent leather Elastic index: frosted > sheep > patent leather Crease generation rate: Patent > sheep > Scrub Version Type Size: rubber-soled (Wide) > Peas (General) Durability: soled > Peas Q2: do not wear socks, feet will smell it? → not Oh! A day will not stink Full sheepskin uppers, air permeability of 100% (and therefore "no" waterproof) Full pigskin inside, absorbent, breathable 100 points Q3: Peas non-slip soles and rubber-soled Which is? Wear extent? → difference between the two lies in the different shape, just started to wear Peas will feel strange to (usually accustomed to wearing rubber-soled), But the two three days it will adapt. Slip degree almost! No significant difference ....... As the degree of wear, "soled" than Peas wear, durable! Relatively easy to wear. Q4: waterproof rain can wear it?? → rainy days do not wear, full leather shoes encounter moisture prone to staining or fading of the case! Q5: receive goods have glue flavor, normal? → Fort Tony Wang paternity shoes are custom made by hand directly after the master package box, if the heavy smell of glue Or soles rubber smell is a normal phenomenon, placed 2-4 days taste will be automatically dispersed air circulation. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese design, China / Hong Kong made


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