Baishandu-8 into-aperture-Italian sealed canned Pu'er mini 沱

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Baishandu-8 into-aperture-Italian sealed canned Pu'er mini 沱


40g x 1
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Baishandu-8 into-aperture-Italian sealed canned Pu'er mini 沱


[百山渡] Aperture. 8 into the Mini Pu'er tea ◆ Pu'er tea is fermented tea, its appearance is distinctly strip-shaped, the appearance of tea is brown, and the tea soup is dark and maroon after brewing. The best wine is 〝xo〞, the tea soup is clear and bright, slightly with jujube and sweet plants. The palate is mild and dense, the throat is smooth and smooth, and the aroma is not mildew, subverting the traditional impression of Pu'er tea. ◆ Pu-erh tea is one kind of many fermented teas, shapes in strings, as thick as ropes, color in brown when it's dry but turns dark brown after brewed, people compare Pu-erh tea as the wine “XO”. The liquid Tastes mild and thick, very smooth texture of the tea, the fragrance is thick but not moldy; this Light Ring tea will totally change the impression you have for typical Pu-erh tea . ◆プーアル tea は発 である である である は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は は の の の の の の の の の の の の の の の の の の のThe mouth is good, the old year is 気を楽しんで くと, どごしが どごしが どごしが う じ じ じ伝 アル アル アル アル イメ イメ イメ イメ である である である である である である である である The introduction of "Golden Circle" and "Aperture" Pu'er is as follows: The difference between the gold circle and the aperture is that the baking temperature is different. The gold circle is at a temperature of 170°, and the aperture is baked at a temperature of 130°. After baking at different temperatures, Pu'er has different flavors. <aperture> Because the treatment process reaches an excellent temperature of 130°, the toxin and pesticide are completely removed. The tea soup is soft and pure, the tea soup is rich, and the tea is relatively heavy, suitable for people who focus on taste and health. <金圈> The temperature is raised to 170 degrees, the tea quality is lighter than the aperture, but the tea soup has a finer molecule, which is easier to be absorbed by the human body, and is relatively better metabolized. It is suitable for guests with poor metabolism and need to raise gas. The Pu'er of Baishandu is stored for 5~10 years or more (mini to 5 years, brick 10 years), because there is a fragrance of Pu'er in this year, but Pu'er of Baishandu, in addition to the year, more The emphasis is on tea quality and cleanness, which is the selection of tea materials and pesticide residues, carcinogenic xanthine toxins, so that you can enjoy the tea that is really not mildewed and has no burden on the throat. As for storage, because Baishandupu pesticides, xanthine toxins are detected zero, clean enough, no spoilage factor, so it can be stored without preservatives or desiccants, and the longer the aging, because the natural fermentation conversion, the flavor will be more Well, tea soup will be more supple, but Taiwan is an island-type climate. If you open it, please store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mold growth. Also, don't put it in the refrigerator. It is more likely to be infected with spoilage factor after regaining moisture. ★ Brewing method: 1 mini Pu'er is brewed with 1000cc boiling water, and can be drunk in 20 minutes. ◆ Contains 8 apertures of Pluto (original leaves / 5 ± 0.3g). ◆ Pure, non-toxic, zero pollution. ◆ SGS pesticide residue inspection passed, 100% no added. ◆ Suitable for long-term storage in a clean, dry, odor-free, non-polluting environment. ◆ Includes: 8pcs of Light Ring Pu-erh tea discs (Primary leaves /5±0.3g) ◆ Pure, non-toxic with no pollutants. ◆ 0%marcinski and residue of any pesticides detected under the SGS test. ◆ It is could be stored for long term in environment of clean, dry, without peculiar smells and pollution free. ◆The light 圏Pu 洱 茶 tea (small さく めた めた めた ) ) の の の の の 8 り り(completely one leaf / 5 ± 0.3g) ◆ Natural, no added, and excellent environment. ◆ SGS benchmark has no residual farmland, 100% no added. ◆Clean, dry, and no odorous environment. Weight: 5g ± 0.3 Origin: Yunnan Manufacturing and processing: Taiwan Produced by: Shandu Co., Ltd. Address: No. 599, Section 2, Wanshou Road, Guishan Township, Taoyuan County Shelf life: Suitable for long-term storage in a clean, dry, odor-free, non-polluting environment. Nutrition label 100 grams per serving Thermal Colorirs 352 (大卡.Kcal) Protein Protein 27.5 (g.g) Fat Total Fat 1.49 (g grams.g) Saturated Fat 0.17 (g.g) Trans fat Trans Fat 0 (g grams.g) Carbohydrate Carbohydraet 57.2 (g grams.g) Sodium Sodium 9.15 ( Origin / manufacturing methods Place of Origin Yunnan / Made in Taiwan


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