Comfrey secret Qingxin soap Palace | Purple Mind Soap 120g precious natural herbal handmade soap (Radix Glycyrrhiza honeysuckle flower gentian)

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Comfrey secret Qingxin soap Palace | Purple Mind Soap 120g precious natural herbal handmade soap (Radix Glycyrrhiza honeysuckle flower gentian)


**[comfrey can soothe and repair the skin, gently remove excess skin oil, suitable for sensitive skin fragility and easy weeping dull skin. ]** Secret Palace comfrey Qingxin soap - rich purple grass, honeysuckle, gentian, safflower, licorice extract and other natural precious Ayanokusa With lemon eucalyptus oil, making soap little refreshing, leisurely atmosphere. Comfrey soap into a pure heart (with handmade cotton bag) Specifications: 120g ± 5g Ingredients: palm oil, coconut oil, glycerin, water, purple grass, honeysuckle, gentian, licorice, safflower (extract), lemon eucalyptus oil Usage: add water to lather hands, to clean the face and body skin, gently remove excess skin oils. Note: Please keep in a cool place, keep dry after use, avoid direct sunlight. Precious grass Qingxin soap used comfrey contains: • Comfrey: "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "Governance rash, pox virus, blood cooling, Lee large intestine." Comfrey Indications clean blood, detoxification rash, and comfrey extract has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and prevent skin dull. • Honeysuckle: An old saying, "Golden interbank core, herbs worth than gold" Honeysuckle pleasant fragrance, and can reach the soothing, calm skin whitening effect and fade dull. • Gentian: rich in minerals and trace elements, with excellent moisturizing effect, help lock in moisture and restore skin elasticity. Gentian can soothe, calm and moisturize the skin, strengthen the skin's defense force, to maintain balance and purify the skin pores. • Flowers: a deep repair effect, climate protection and skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, Enhance the skin's defense force, giving the skin activation. • Licorice: As early as two thousand years ago, licorice in the "Shennong Herbal Classic" was listed as "top grade" Licorice can placate and soothe damaged skin, the skin moist and translucent, more soft and supple, while the smooth skin of fine lines, age Peel extreme slow. Secret Palace Garden of Hope Foundation X "one to one, concentric heart" activity: Each time you buy a piece of secret Handmade palace, we will donate another piece of handmade soap for you to Hope Foundation, as to the sale or use of maternal and child victims of violence. Thank you for helping the country rebuild battered CHILD last mile life for them more courage and warm perfusion. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Made In Taiwan


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