Enamel powder 20 color combinations

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Studio DOORZ
Studio DOORZ
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Enamel powder 20 color combinations


/ Commodity Description and story / Enamel is a vitreous glaze A coating on the metal utensils glassy glaze. From the West into China, then spread to Korea and Japan, enamel art in the Ming Dynasty Jingtai years matured quite popular, it is known as cloisonne, cloisonne in the Forbidden City have handed down masterpiece. Let the cold metal enamel becomes colorful, allow the creation of more diverse. Contemporary creative approach to emerge, leaving the enamel work presents a more diverse look. Enamel is a natural mineral compound glaze ingredients, no fixed melting point, burning baking temperature is between 750 ℃ ~ 850 ℃. Since it is a glaze before firing, not necessarily the same color after firing. At the same time as a toner image of enamel can not generally paint. Please note that the use of safety, avoid inhalation, do not eat or drink during use. Please keep ventilation fired. Be sure to follow the general enamel process used. Glaze, temperature, time and experience the subtle dance, creating a beautiful glaze and works. Colored enamel powder because the cost varies, the studio adopted pricing system to take a bottle of the same practice, little more than a little cheaper, a little less expensive, the capacity of each color are not the same, please pay attention to and understand. ***The combination except enamel powder, excluding other items.*** Enamel pink color combination of 20 colors, transparent enamel powder 10 colors, opaque enamel powder 10 colors, color combinations are listed as follows. *** Transparent enamel powder 10 color: # 110 White, # 1260 water cyanosis (pale), # 126 water cyanosis (conc.), # 147 Blue, # 152 Golden Tea, # 121 bamboo (in), # 120 bamboo (light), # 100 Peach, # 102 red, yellow # m AG20. *** Opaque enamel powder 10 color: # 112 black and white # 10, # 65 Coffee, yellow # 18, # 83 orange, Zhu Chi # 82, # 43 green, blue # 38, # 36 Water, Blue # 32. Save enamel powder: 1. Do not store in hot and humid places, not direct sun. 2. Use the remaining powder, be sure to dry and then store. / Material / Enamel powder, craft materials, non-work. Origin / manufacturing methods Enamel materials imported from Japan, Taiwan and packaging. *** Taiwanese buyers than to note that in order to save international freight, and to avoid long-distance transportation process, fine powder escaping from the cap gap, select another option: double plastic bags enamel powder 20 color combinations. you can not use canned shipments, but also saves you the cost of a jar, please understand. Thank you.


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