Cool cool light plastic Breast pajamas set - carved lace bow small dress (burgundy)

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Cool cool light plastic Breast pajamas set - carved lace bow small dress (burgundy)


2013 LINDSEY collaboration with Ministry of Economic Affairs, by the Textile Federation counseling, popular in the market using information provided pajamas, were "Cool cool light plastic Breast Mermaid pajamas line group" merchandising, apart from the majority to give people a sexy sleepwear or comfortable impression, and thus on consumers to buy only buy both types of products.

Accordingly, after communication with the designer LINDSEY, hope to develop new products in addition to comfortable pajamas sexy group of both, and can still provide the busy modern non-pressure, body sculpting massage at bedtime can function.

It will proceed with plans for it in the direction of innovation in product development, material selection on 180 Dan cool feeling cloth (SUNYLON fiber fabrics such as flu or cold), will provide the busy modern summer sleep and comfort, enjoying the cool light plastic feel;

In style, shoulder strap or vest pajamas recommend meticulous design, three-dimensional breast care can be a function of the Breast, side edging anti-Furu design, as well as intimate Bra bag processing, sleeping or out of the ride are appropriate, sculpture waist Functionally, designed to strengthen plastic belt type weave mermaid line effect of the abdomen;

In pajama part, recommended that the main demands of comfort, style can also be designed for going out at night, inside pocket on the proposed design abdomen function, can provide women during physiological function put Nuannuan Bao relieve menstrual pain; advice on the analysis of the overall market in the design to the popular sexy styles and designs, it is functional, providing the middle of summer, busy people Cool cool feeling light plastic can also be a Breast and mermaid line, also with the physical pain, said Byebye!

User experience:
& Quot; I was wearing a night there will be no discomfort, very comfortable and will not shift, very flexible, with the previous standard of tight body sculpting underwear are very different, to reconcile light body sculpting, beautiful and lovely, with a focus Removable chest pad design with bags within Nuannuan Bao super intimate, even if there will not be going out overnight Jitu embarrassing situation !!

Product specifications /
Material: 92% Nylon 8% elastane
Size: elastic light sculpting models - suitable bust 32 & quot; ~ 38 & quot ;, waist 22 & quot; ~ 38 & quot;
Origin: Taiwan
180 Dan shaping pants cool feeling using cloth (SUNYLON or cool feeling fiber and other fabrics)

Origin / manufacturing methods

Origin / manufacturing methods


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