[Pure natural] diy group of Japanese Zen Zen dry landscape Chamber sandbox glass ball gift potted succulents Spa smaller objects zen potted,

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[Pure natural] diy group of Japanese Zen Zen dry landscape Chamber sandbox glass ball gift potted succulents Spa smaller objects zen potted,


Awaited! Komatsu Green on sale now! Still more dense than the pictures in some Oh! Product Story: Zen mini glass ball court, Komatsu green stands where small sand rake and dry landscape showing a mood, make the environment full of Zen. Product Usage: indoor decoration or office layout or gifts Product Dimensions: sphere diameter 12cm, length 12cm x width 12cm x height of about 13cm (including Hook height) Product Materials: Plant (Komatsu green, moss), stone, bamboo rake, sand, long clip, comes watering small dropper (2 days watering 10ml) Precautions: 1. The plants are alive, so they need sunlight and water, used a small watering can be very convenient dropper Will be dispensed within 2.diy wrap material (sand, stones, moss, Komatsu Green + sphagnum, bamboo rake + dropper + clip, glass balls, sub 6 repackaging) 3. Because handmade with natural materials, materials may be slightly different with photos (handmade bamboo rake, may slightly flawed, perfectionists need to think twice) 4. Plants and moss may cause out replace other similar plants (this group of plants must loose with the ball, so the cost is much higher, but also presented the best feeling, so the need to wait out, and Meike ball dense pine tree different degree, perfectionist need to think) 5. there Komatsu green summer will sleep habits, sleeping inside the leaves will shrink, autumn will be restored to normal DIY teaching Description: also refer to the last photo 1. First sand was poured into a glass ball and glass ball with clips Centre poke the sand, so sand central exhibit Depression 2. Direct turf torn in half by hand, first put half in depressions left behind 3. Use clamps trunk, the tree first into the central sand depression, then you can not have to immediately erect tree, then the other half on the roots of turf right in front, just grip the two turf cover the roots ( turf can try to put inside and let the bottle opening and the front left and right not to be covered by white sand, to leave space for five small stones and put the rake) 4. righting the tree, with the largest stone material, placed next to the roots of the tree will be dumped, shore tree so that the tree upright 5. The five small stones, glass bottles from the direction of the mouth of the stone from the 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock in the counter-clockwise direction sequentially placed to ensure proper spacing was good-looking, slightly soft reduction can be put away when the stone so that he a little bit into the sand 6. If the turf a little bump, you can use your fingers to press down (such as photo 10) 7. rakes placed inside glass ball left where white sand is complete Take care of the way: 1. ventilated sunny (at least half sunshine or lamp illuminated, the light is very important, but do not put the day to let him Shaisi) 2. dropper watering can two days pouring a little water, in addition to pouring root portion, it can also poured water on the grass less, attention to ventilation, water not excessive, to avoid too wet too stuffy moldy make rakes, watering please in the evening, to avoid overheating during the day so that the roots are stuffy bad water Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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