Leisurely See Nanshan - Han Musical Health Collection 4CD

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1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Leisurely See Nanshan - Han Musical Health Collection 4CD


Xie Zheqing (urban life esthetician) Chen Guozhen (walker of science and Buddhism) Zheng Siwei. Huang Huiyan (Graemey Designer) Clean recommendation **● Oriental health essence four main points** It is a concentrated essence of the four major health philosophy. It is a concentrated essence of the four major health philosophy. It uses Chinese instrumental music to convey the artistic concept of harmony between man and nature. Its classical taste is similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine. It is elegant and timeless. ● Feng Chao strength reputation works selection The trend has been published with the concept of health in China, and the series of healthy health music has long been updated. It is the world's first brand of body and mind music in the East. This collection features 25 years of reputation as a representative work, and it is not to be missed. **● The highest rate of online demand on the Internet** Selected for over 25 years through Amazon.com, youtube video, etc., the Oriental music works with the highest on-demand rate on the world's Internet, and the oriental image music with the natural frequency and the same resonance in the world, have swept the world. ● The best Han Fang health music with gifts Exquisite gift box design, the best gift of choice. It is suitable for foreign friends and clients; the sub-healthy population who needs meditation and the fashionable office workers who need music pressure. **CD1 nutrition** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqPb2FsKN7c Tranquility is a power. Health begins with quietness. Oriental music health begins with the conditioning of seven emotions. Chinese medicine is well aware of the impact of emotions on people's physical and mental health. Thousands of years ago, it developed a complete theory of emotional health, using various methods to regulate the seven emotions; hi, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and panic; Conditioning is one of the most important methods. Let every day rise and fall, such as the wave of the waves, through the music to cultivate temperament, so that the hearts of the stormy mood, gradually calm down, calm down. Music: Enjoying companionship and enjoying **CD2 Yang Xin** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiZ9u360c5c Doctor's advice: Healing the disease. The way of health: corporals are self-cultivated, the sergeant raises the air, and the sergeant raises his heart. The ancients said that the relationship between emotion and disease is closely related. It has also been confirmed through modern western psychology education. However, the fluctuation of emotions is related to the nature of mind. The heart is like the wind, the emotions are like waves, and the wind is calm. China's way of cultivating the mind integrates the Taoist and Buddhist ideas and emphasizes the bleak, unrestrained, compassionate, and life-long attitude of life. This series of yangxin music is a reflection of the elegantness of the Chinese literati, the inaction of the Taoist, and the acceptance of the Buddhist family. The perfect integration of the body, mind, and spirit is the best way to preserve health. Music: Shen Qian introspection, transfer mind **CD3 pranayama** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyavcgJwTdQ Chinese qigong has a long history and it has also formed various schools of medicine, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Breathing and adjusting interest rates are basic skills. In recent years, the scientific research on qigong on the two shores has confirmed the efficacy of health. It also allows Chinese Qigong to be known all over the world. However, experts recommend that “adjustment” should be the first choice. Beginners should find good teachers and learn how to breathe spitting. . In Zhuangzi’s world story, a dialogue between Yan Hui and Confucius was used to explain the magical effect of “hearing the law of interest.” Zhuang Zi’s listening to interest law explained that as long as one concentrates and observes the inflow and outflow of attraction, one can only realize relaxation and Static effect. If you can in the fresh air of the forest or outdoors, more quietly absorb the essence of heaven and earth. Harmony between man and nature, health benefits. Music music: Vipassana breath, heart and soul. **CD4 shape adjustment** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIKNcOvGmww Tai Chi and Qi Gong are Chinese cultures that have a long history. They have been traditionally practiced through millennia. It is both a long-lived medicine and a philosophy of life. It can not only maintain health and health, but also help one's life. Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, Zhan Zhuang and so on have raised vivid work. Most of them emphasize meditation, lightness, and hardness. It emphasizes that the health of the mind should be taken care of first, and the blood flow naturally runs smoothly. Physical health, as long as the proper movement can strengthen the meridians and bones. When practicing, the learners often use music as their aid. They can use the guidance of the rhyme to match the breathing and movement, and they can be mentally specialized. Music: Dancing with Music, Zen Buddhism


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