Storm Glass tubes storm glass crystal glass storm forecast weather storm ancient mystical crystal ball storm weather forecast

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Storm Glass tubes storm glass crystal glass storm forecast weather storm ancient mystical crystal ball storm weather forecast


Storm Glass crystal glass storm mysterious ancient crystal weather forecast Storm glass storm glass was invented by 19th century British admiral Robert FitzRoy. As the weather was forecast navigational equipment, has been involved in a number of well-known sailing, such as proposed "natural selection, survival of the fittest," well-known biologist Darwin aboard the Beagle. Darwin and published in shock after "Origin of Species," a book of the scientific community. Further Storm glass storm glass in the famous novel "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water" also appeared in the submarine "Nautilus" on. Storm glass is poured into water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, and camphor mixture in sealed glass bottles, using their different solubilities result in their susceptibility to the temperature of crystallization, and further use of the effects of different crystal patterns predicted weather. Storm glass of principle has been inconclusive, some scholars believe that temperature is the only factor affecting the crystal morphology. Some scholars believe the glass crystallization patterns storm also affected the atmospheric pressure and temperature, to have another school of scholars believe that a storm glass in a sealed glass container can still be subjected to pressure and temperature on the solubility of the reason may wear and Quantum tunneling effect related. Now, the storm glass as weather forecasting tool, although its accuracy has been smaller than existing instruments. However, looking at the white crystals inside another glass slowly repeated continuously generate precipitate fall. With a kind of grace and quiet beauty. ----------------------------------- Caution: 1 ingredient products containing camphor, not exposure to sunlight to prevent its deterioration. 2 is a reaction to weather the storm glass and crystal instrument of expression, take some time to stabilize its relationship with the temperature of crystallization. It is generally required to stand in the same position for more than a week to stabilize the crystalline patterns of expression of the weather. 3 Storm glass developed as a high-latitude weather prediction instrument, is not it a suitable work area at low latitudes warm countries. So we commissioned a professional chemical laboratory for testing and fine-tuning their recipes to lower latitudes in warmer still reflected in its beautiful crystal tree undertaken. 4 Design Hall of storm glass production process are in the process of professional laboratory completed and properly sealed with sealing compound, is not recommended to open the bottle so as not to influence their own seal. If poor weather sealing bottles perishable in a few months. 5 because of the relationship between the contents of the product, the product can not use the international transit service, also can not accept international orders. 6 buyers who read this before subscript Design Hall of trade policy :) 7 because the product is more sophisticated, recommend buyers use the mail or home delivery service ---------------------------------- / This product was attached summary holder (as shown in picture is taken Goods) / Size, specifications, about 12 cm bottom size / height of about 1.8 cm diameter glass tube (without the holder's size) / Material / glass, water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor Latest Events: 1. Follow our design shop Become a fan, you can receive 5% off coupon 2. Leave your evaluation after the purchase of goods for goods to be re collar 10% off coupon Wosloth Design Hall fan page


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