Fenghua series welcomes auspicious [蟠桃献寿] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese style / handmade silver

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With the theme of "Auspicious Painting (Word)", "Silver" has the homonym of "Welcome", and good things will come together (inlaid with silver)! NEROSILVER imitates the ancient totem and the ancient craftsman's fine craftsm


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Fenghua series welcomes auspicious [蟠桃献寿] 925 sterling silver jewelry necklace Chinese style / handmade silver


【蟠桃献寿】 The mother of the mother, the peach, three thousand years old This peach blossoms once every three thousand years After three thousand years of fruitfulness And the food can live longer So it is also called "Xian Tao Shou Chitose" 蟠桃 implies "longevity" After the monkey king robbed the king, the mother and the peach immediately became the body of longevity. Thousands of open, peaches, millennium In the folk is a fruit that symbolizes auspicious meaning .................................................. ........ In the ancient Chinese society, the "auspicious pattern" can be seen everywhere in the decoration of food and clothing. It is fully integrated into daily life, mainly to show the wish of the people to look forward to good luck. In fact, it has the artistic value of decorative culture. The clever ancestors see the worms, fish, animals, flowers, melons, and baskets in their lives. All of them have themes that can take their homophonic sounds and combine them with auspicious words that let the viewers know what they want, and the heart is embraced by joy. The welcoming auspicious series of silver ornaments will be based on the theme of "auspicious paintings". "Silver" has the homonym of "welcoming", so good things have come, so welcome (inlaid silver)! NEROSILVER ink silver emulates ancient totems and ancient craftsmen to finely craft silver craftsmanship, and auspicious words into a sterling silver necklace pendant, just like the "peace" that tends to avoid evil, wear on the body and fast! One pray for peace and smoothness, and also for the sake of the heart, everything is responsive - every day has a good mood! Works features / The design of the welcoming auspicious series deliberately preserves the thickness of the work. Although the cost of sterling silver material is increased, the work can be made more solid. Each pendant has a weight of about 16 grams ± (about two weights of 10 yuan coins) ), the size of the coin is less than 10 yuan (visible fine carving), the length of the antique ring necklace is about 18 inches (about 46 cm), you will find more sterling silver than the other products, the thickness of the real sense of silver and silver The feel of the hand can be considered as a good choice for heirloom! Have a story! Significant! Have a wish! Have a blessing! Suitable for new weddings, birthday ceremonies, promotion, commemorative ceremonies, and important gifts that are kind to yourself! Precautions/ ● The welcoming auspicious series works for the three-dimensional effect. The body of the pendant is sulphur-cured and then polished by hand. When cleaning and maintenance, please use the “silver cloth” to wipe the surface of the silver. Please do not use it. Soaking in "washing silver water", in addition to easily injuring the silver jewelry inside the body, it will make the vulcanized three-dimensional dark side become unsightly gray and variegated, destroying the overall beauty of the silver jewelry! ● The body of the hand-casting works will have sand-hole casting seams, which are different from the smooth and smooth texture of the mechanical stamping production objects. The visible sand holes in the naked eye are the normal phenomenon unique to hand casting! Non-defective! ● Customized works are not accepted for return! Please consider in detail before placing an order! Thank you!


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