Sautees happy SPA vanilla warm heat pack (L No. vanilla brown cotton)


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  • • 100% Natural Cereal with vanilla filling, can be reused, environmental protection and health. Enjoy the simple happiness of SPA. Happiness SPA vanilla hot pack Herbal heat pads

    Day playing computer neck, back, wrist pain? Heels crush calf, ankle uncomfortable? Those days are sisters monthly abdominal discomfort? Mom is hard housework acid and let the body? Dad day of travel required relax? grandparents who have back pain trouble?

    So happy SPA hot pack away sore and tight, promote blood circulation, increase body metabolism rate, natural vanilla fragrance to the Hello mood.

    • Usage:
    1. heat: a microwave oven to medium heat (about 500W) microwave for 2 to 3 minutes, remove the hot fragrance can do.

    2. Ice: iced overnight in the refrigerator freezer can also be used as ice pad use.

    3. pillowcase removable washing, cleaning is recommended once before first use, hand wash dry.

    • Note:

    1. The appropriate time will vary depending on microwave power while the machine is slightly different, do not heat too long, such as continuous use, please be hot to be cool bags again heated. To avoid burns or damage to the aroma of filler.

    2. Small heat pack heat just two minutes, large or long Please heat for 3 minutes.

    3. Try heating fingertip temperature to avoid burns.

    4. heat or ice 20 minutes for too long may cause skin irritation.

    5. skin wounds or existing discomfort, do not use.

    6. Do not let not express meaning or feeling insensitive patients use to avoid accidental burns caused by inability to communicate.

    7. There are specific diseases or concerns, consult a doctor before use.

    8. Do not let children alone operation.

    9. vanilla floral scent because of the time and frequency of use gradually fades, you need to update are welcome.

    • Wash: Hand wash cold cloth cover is recommended to dry, do not dry

    • Do not wash vanilla package

    • Storage:
    When not in use can be placed in plastic bags placed in the refrigerator to save, in order to maintain the natural vanilla fresh and humidity, and to avoid pest damage.

    • Size: 44cm x 16.5cm

    • Weight: 900G

    • Material:
    Cloth cover Material: 100% cotton
    Vanilla bag cloth cover, 100% cotton

    • Origin: Taiwan

    • Production date: (the date marked on the production batch will follow in January)

    • Shelf life: 2 years

    • Set vanilla Ingredients: peppermint, rosemary, verbena, lemon grass and other natural herbs and grains

    SPA vanilla happy thoughts with those who love hot pack:
    "Too busy to take care of the garden every day, the intentions of the garden full of beautiful flowers, but always busy after back pain, heat packs, hot hot in the back and waist really comfortable!" (Taipei Wang mother) M No. vanilla set cotton paragraph

    Long knee rheumatism old woman said: "This is like going to bed every night ㄋ wrap look, you easily fall asleep!!" (Ilan yellow grandmother) L Number of vanilla cotton money collector

    Young Physician hard to see the doctor to receive the goods, said: "!! Really beautiful are reluctant to use" (Hsinchu Yang, MD) M number of flowers poly cotton paragraph

    Daily commuters hit the computer, press the mouse hands are sore shoulder pain, eye fatigue!
    Miss Lee said: "The small and convenient and easy to apply when the eyes look tired spirit better hands acids are also lines that a few days each month deposited belly is like my colleagues are rushing to use!!!!" (Taipei Li flowers Miss) S number of poly silk models

    Love to play mahjong ㄚ aunt said: "very happy ㄋ wrap showed their vanilla and comfortable for two!!!"
    (Taipei 小葳 ㄚ aunt) vanilla L numbers set silk paragraph

    Parents of each newborn's mother hand father worked very hard hand is a popular forest father said:!! "!! How to now have so many things I have to apply intimate look" (Taipei Lin father) S Number of vanilla set cotton section + M number of vanilla set silk paragraph

    There are a lot of friends like sharing Monika, Christmas is ready to give her the 20 friends who!
    She said: I hope you like her with a happy feeling (Miss Monika from Poland)!
    S number of flowers poly cotton money + S number of vanilla cotton money collector

    Exhausted after the hands have vanilla somebody.! Good like! (Taichung Jennifer) set S of vanilla cotton money

    Mom had always had back pain problems, dutiful son to help her mother prepare hot day package, Zeng mother said: "!! Really happy ㄋ good filial son, vanilla hot pack better."
    Herb L number of set silk paragraph + M number of flowers poly cotton paragraph

    Miss Yang frequently travel to the mainland, this time he prepared a six vanilla hot contracted in the local Taiwan compatriots working hard!
    She said: "Let them in the field can feel the warmth of different mo and can soothe pain, praise!!" (Taipei Miss Yang)
    L Number of vanilla cotton money collector

    ! Neck and back pain and Plaster cloth stink somebody. Emma said: "With this package vanilla hot lady feel they do not have to spend big money to do SPA simple and convenient!!!" (Taipei Emma) L number of silk flowers poly models

    "New Year but also cleaning up! Mother must again turned tired! More several hot package so that mothers can also eliminate fatigue!" (Taoyuan Chen) M Number of vanilla set silk paragraph + L number of flowers poly cotton paragraph

    "Shanghai is now the weather is very cold, it was snowing! Have hot pack hot! Special warm and happy! Prepare a few more with friends and family to share the happiness." (Miss Pang in Shanghai)
    S number of flowers poly cotton + M number of vanilla paragraph sets cotton section + L number of cotton flowers poly models
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Sautees happy SPA vanilla warm heat pack (L No. vanilla brown cotton)

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