Fabulous Goose Super Soft Brushed Cotton Blanket Monster Series - Owl (Black)

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Style: Monster Series - Owl Colour: Black Size: □S(75x100CM); ■**M(120x150cm)** Material: ■**100% cotton**; □ 100% organ



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Fabulous Goose Super Soft Brushed Cotton Blanket Monster Series - Owl (Black)


**Product desciption**
Style: Monster Series - Owl
Colour: Black
Size: □S(75x100CM); ■**M(120x150cm)**
Material: ■**100% cotton**; □ 100% organic cotton
Breathable and sweat-absorbent, suitable for all seasons, suitable for sensitive baby. Suitable for allergic skin of the baby.
Certification: ■**Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1**; □ GOTS certification.
Origin: Made in Germany.

**Certification Introduction**
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1
Test for detection of allergens

To test the properties of textiles and garments affecting human health, the standard includes known harmful substances that pose adverse effects on human health, and sets limits for these harmful substances that can be measured scientifically. The standards apply to textiles, leather products and related items at every stage of the entire process, including textile and non-textile accessories.

The International Environmental Textile Association also incorporated Production Ecology into the review criteria and established the Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 for manufacturers that focus on controlling production processes that do not harm the environment and workers, through the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Certification to highlight their textiles that provide consumer safety for production, as well as support for environmental protection.

Products manufactured by companies that have "Textile Confidence Certification Marks":
In terms of human health
No sensitization or carcinogenic substances
No pesticides and chlorinated phenoles
Simulated heavy metal emissions under simulated artificial perspiration
Does not contain formaldehyde, or its content is far below the limits required by the law
Contains suitable pH for skin
Non-chlorinated organic substances
Excluding biologically active finishes ... and more than 100 kinds of harmful substances
In the production process and waste area
There will be no adverse impact on the environment and no pollution, no pollution of water sources, waste disposal and noise reduction

**Washing instructions**
* Machine washable - use soft wash (or blanket) mode, the water temperature cannot exceed 30 degrees Celsius,
It is advisable to use woolen laundry detergent or natural non-toxic laundry detergent.
* It can be dried at low temperature (not to exceed 60 degrees). After drying (or drying), it is recommended to use a natural brush to lightly brush the cotton blanket to increase the bulkiness and softness of the cotton blanket.
*Do not bleach.
* It is not recommended to use the dry cleaning mode to clean the cotton blanket. Because the dry cleaning liquid contains chemical agents and avoids remaining on the cotton blanket, please avoid dry cleaning as much as possible.

**Brand story**
Children and home product brands from Northern Europe,
Fabulous Goose is convinced that
Textured products are not only beautiful in appearance,
It is a perfect combination of design, humane spirit, and safety materials.
Each of its products is designed by different designers.
It is manufactured entirely in Europe.
All design and production are derived from the concept of "pure"
We hope to provide children with safe and clean products and produce in a 100% humane way.
Including not hiring child labor, causing no environmental pollution, and causing no waste of resources due to excessive production.
"To give our loving children a purest childhood"

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* Based on the protection of consumer's personal hygiene, the goods have been opened, used or cleaned before, and shall not be required to return goods. Please be careful to purchase.
* When dealing with goods return, please send it together with the complete package.
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