The Laundress scouring cleanser Stain Solution -. 16 fl oz / 475 ml.


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    Scouring cleansers Stain Solution -.. 16 fl oz / 475 ml

    We are headache stains on clothes, but now we have found a way to deal with them,
    Scouring cleansers can remove either newly created or longstanding stubborn dirt such as: wine, coffee ⋯ and so on.
    This product has no fragrance, can be used with any cleaning products.

    Recommends use:
    Instructional videos ■ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zExj1yGZic
    Please immediately on dirt careless stains and wash immediately with laundry detergent.
    In case of stubborn dirt, use scouring cleanser on the stain and soak until the stain disappears.
    Recommend the use of hot water, if necessary, repeat the action.
    Clothes dryer must not be placed unless the stain to be eliminated.

    Can be removed or the existence of a new generation of long stubborn dirt,
    No fragrance designed for use with other cleaning products.

    The Laundress New York's top natural ‧ clothing care specialist

    ■ non-toxic. Biodegradable. Do not cause allergies

    THE LAUNDRESS® from the global fashion focus - New York, its high-quality classic clothing and home cleaning products, fresh life to an elegant aesthetic, but also most likely to re-interpretation ignores Wash clothing and home everyone is most familiar.
    THE LAUNDRESS® to triple concentrated, high-efficiency cleaning capabilities, easy to wash away the stains clothes, but also introduced exclusive fabrics for different cleaning supplies; clean their home series with natural gentle cleansing ingredients to remove dirt and odor. The successful combination of fashion and environmental protection, improve the preservation and maintenance of clothing and home environment clean.

    ■ professional background in tailored clothing maintenance mode

    THE LAUNDRESS® founded in New York in 2004, the brand founder Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting are all Cornell University (Cornell University) graduate, majoring in design, and other related professional background fabric background. More because of the love of fashion, Lindsey had CHANEL women's department as a retail manager position; Gwen is a senior designer Ralph Lauren home series.
    Uphold and understanding for the importance of clothing maintenance, they experienced many experience in the clothing damage caused by cleaning white clothes, dry cleaning chemicals, the combination of their professional knowledge and grasp of the market, the introduction of THE LAUNDRESS®, full range of products all using environmentally friendly materials, do not add any harmful chemicals and clothing, with natural enzymes break down dirt, resolve consumer in the face of special materials laundry problems, such as: wool, silk and linen fabrics, denim and swimwear Technology material, etc. .

    ■ professional, safe, stylish best washing preferably

    Given the market contain artificial additives mostly detergent ingredients and fluorescent agents, the use of not only easy to make clothes material damage, injury skin, but destroy the living environment. THE LAUNDRESS® to top clothing care experts from Xu, a full range of products chosen by Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting two founders personally test, its features are as follows:
    1. The use of environmentally friendly materials
    2. No added phosphide, bleaching agents, preservatives, salts of phthalic acid and other chemical allergens
    3. The use of pure plant extract formula, environmentally friendly
    4. environmentally friendly products, raw materials, pollution-free, 100% can be decomposed by microorganisms
    5. Never use animal fats in the laundry softener
    6. No animal testing

    THE LAUNDRESS® efficient cleaning ability, the more people try addictive.
    3-fold concentrated formulation ingredients, each with only a bottle or two caps to use (depending on the amount of clothes washes may be), but the use of "natural enzymes" break down dirt, including:
    Protein, starch, fat and fiber enzymes, which can effectively remove grease, dirt, dirt or other foreign cotton dust, every washing clothes not only bright and clean but also more flexible. For attention to the clothes people whiteness, THE LAUNDRESS® clean natural optical brightening agent substituted with the chemical composition of the bleaching agent, can remove the yellow dirt, let the cuffs, collar, etc. more white as new.

    ■ Experience quality of life from clean start

    THE LAUNDRESS® divided into three series, namely: "clothing clean campaign" (Laundry Detergent), "clothing Care Products" (Fabric Care) and "home cleaning campaign" (Home Cleaning).

    Noble material for clothing, such as: material thin silk clothing, delicate texture and difficult to clean baby clothes sweater, denim, etc., "clothing clean campaign" in the wash while giving care, not because of improper washing clothes damage , off-line and so on.
    For clothes stained questions referred to the special design of white and dark laundry detergent, depending on the color of clothing for effective cleaning and achieve protection, bright color appeal. "Laundry care series" depicts scouring, clothes softener and fragrance spray mainly to the deployment of proprietary natural plant oil aroma, fresh, clean scent to make clothing exudes a pleasant scent reassuring "home cleaning campaign" will " Clean "extends to a variety of uses, such as dishes, mirrors and interior fragrance spray, THE LAUNDRESS® the best quality of life speak attitude.
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin USA
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The Laundress scouring cleanser Stain Solution -. 16 fl oz / 475 ml.

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