Triangle chopsticks sets / Portable tableware cloth roll - wind powder

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Hwatokki Handmade

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Triangle chopsticks sets / Portable tableware cloth roll - wind powder


Love the earth. Love Taiwan industry. Environmental awareness surrounding tableware series

Love the Earth with green hearts, in our initial growth of this land
Combined with flower rabbit intentions concept 'design' hand made chopsticks sets / utensils bag
No use of toxic chopsticks / disposable chopsticks, bags put double natural chopsticks now!

Within the sub-three grid, you can put the general dimensions of chopsticks, spoons, forks or floss fruit snacks
After their usual cutlery compartments used to insert the corner on the right corner folded over coated dishes, roll up
You can easily go into the bag with, small volume, lightweight, less space
Go out to dinner, to help prepare a pair of chopsticks and the other half, one a pair, more intimate
A person at work or school, you can also use used brunch or lunch and dinner

Chopsticks sets often required in order to maintain a clean cleaning cloth begin to clean the table 'ancient Yi dry cotton cloth / yarn sewing section
Each piece of fabric flowers rabbit Jie clean water test

Splash in the water and the whole cloth, the dirt good cleaning!
Immediately wipe with a paper towel to get dirty style is very clean,
Spent years as a rabbit when the package was conceived and wind tableware,
Later, a lot of good to follow the hand Zuoren reference design.
Interested friends can go to the blog search design content yo!

** Get a bamboo tableware has finished ~ **
** This product is only sold the cloth roll chopsticks sets the body, without other dishes, do not come to the hearing to ask! **

Hope everyone can do something for the environment a little bit of effort, good health -

* Size * Length of rolls after wrapping up, it will be used in accordance with chopsticks length varies, the general size of chopsticks can be used.
(If you are worried about irregularities with, please flower rabbit private information to inform you of the size of tableware, flower rabbit will help you actually measure yo!)
* Material & amp; wash the entire * cotton Kofu / Day yarn / cotton cloth / cotton cloth. Waterproof splash cloth. Wax rope. Really Pippi standard

Available daily postprandial wipes wipe / wash chopsticks and chopsticks with dry toilet paper, put chopsticks kit
If that piece kit usually taste or wet, wipe wipes available, smoothing (Neri is quick-drying material) did after rolling storage
If after cleaning chopsticks into, chopsticks sets can not wash every day
If the table cloth is extremely dirty, available neutral detergent or soap hand wash housework

* Flower rabbit の hand as ˙ love in mind and small caution *

Hand sewing a stitch may be some imperfections
Everyone on your monitor settings are different, so the real product with the screen display may be slightly different shades
Handmade, for other colors and workmanship requirements perfectionist, please think twice before you buy

This merchandise sales amount (not including shipping) of 10% will be donated to charity fund diversion associations rescue of animals in distress, after Charity Fund donated Integration, receipts and related information will be published in the fan page

Passing hand work and love of flowers began selling hand-made rabbit の hand works of the mind, the power of a small pea willing to make the world become a better place -
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan → Flowers Rabbit の hand as a * little attic studio → Flowers Rabbit hands


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