Colorful Butterfly color quiet cup - bright black

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ภายใน 1 วัน
ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Colorful Butterfly color quiet cup - bright black


Colorful Butterfly quiet cup discoloration - Black cup
 Gorgeous Butterfly

Material / Material: Porcelain / Porcelain
Size / Size: Φ 75 x H 120 mm
Capacity / Capacity: 310 ml
Technical / Technique: color ink
                 / Thermo-chromic ink Decal
Physical design: Gaocai Qian / Shape designed
                    by Tsai-Chien Kao
Totem Design: Chen Yanxun / Graphic designed
                    by Yen-Hsun Chen
Price: NT680

Butterflies dancing, in a quiet rising chaos of change, so that around the life of a beautiful swirl waves raised; updraft wings of enthusiasm, full of change and surprising journey through life.

Butterflies are dancing in the air, floating above the rising tranquility laced with chaotic transformation. It raises the swirling of beauties surrounding the life itself. With wings of passion, flapping along with the rising air, it reminds us in the common course of life it is full of changes and surprises.

Design Notes:
Application temperature ink technology, after the injection of hot water showing a different totem appearance, like a butterfly color after takeoff, like flying in between the cup body.

Design notes:
With the technique of sensitive temperature ink, the totem will change once the hot water is poured into the cup. When the color is shown, the butterfly seems like flying on the cup.

2009 New Evaluation Yingge Ceramics Museum exhibition of selected works
The works are selected into the New Works Review Exhibition 2009, Yingge Pottery Museum.

Use and precautions:
1. Do not steel brush or scrub hard material tool, in order to avoid damage to the ceramic itself and the color pattern.
2. Do oven, heat or in the microwave and dishwasher washing, to avoid discoloration pattern damage.
3. Do not add water (or any liquid) soaking or cooking inside the refrigerator or refrigerated to prevent discoloration pattern damage.
4. This product is handmade products, the cup is 100% non-perfect circle, as both the capacity and the size of ± 3% yield.
5. This product if damaged, black spots, pinholes and other defects, please contact our customer service staff to return.
6. correct color please refer to the actual product.

Watch list during application:
1.DO NOT clean with iron brush or cleaning utensils made of hard and solid materials to protect the surface porceline from being scratched.
2.DO NOT place this cup inside microwave oven, nor dishwacher to wash clean to protect the surface of pattern from being peeled off.
3.DO NOT place into water (or any other liquid) to soak or boil or in the refrigerator to be frozen to protect the surface of pattern from being peeled off.
4.This merchandise is handicraft product with the mug not 100% round in shape, but for those with volume and size within ± 3% are rated as good quality.
5.If ever there is any damage or blemish spot or pinholes, etc, please contact this company's customer service for exchange of merchandise.
6.For accurate coloring, please refer to the actual products of merchandise.

Use the の note:
1. Pottery ya Bian color mode Yang injury zu ni ke naiu ni, su Ciba have suitable material bu ya ra シ の で solid い tool wash wa nai で ku da sa i.
2. Bian color mode Yang injury wo ni ke naiu zu ni, オ ー nn pu, electronic re nn ji, dish washing machine で い heating shi shi ta ta ri ri Wash nai で shi ku da sa i.
3. Bian color mode Yang injury zu ni ke naiu ni, water (ma ka na ta hai ru liquid) ni shi ta ri dip, steamed water で shi ta ku ri shi nai で da sa i. Ma ta wa ya freezer cold Zao library into me cry ni ku nai で da sa i.
4. ko の pure handmade products wa ri desu products. Ka ッ pu wa 100% の の mouth really yen で wa ri ma se san. Capacity ya Cytec DANGER の error of ± 3% べ te wa desu desu yield.
5. This article ni damaged, black spot, Pink nn の ホ Hikaru and other defects Thou っ ta ga occasions, when those have social の customer Bldg Department ri ni su return goods or exchange wo ご い wa ku da sa i talk.
6. correct color wa na Mika occasion の commodity reference ni shi te wo ku da sa i.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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