City alive: Hualien these guys (comes map postcard a)

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City alive: Hualien these guys (comes map postcard a)


Hualien recent years, more and more young people to shop. Why shop? To be loyal to live their lives.

In addition to attitudes, more a work for survival and seeking the ideal balance beam parallel, we are working very hard.

Because we had the "Life" Yeah! So unexpected thing, even if their efforts picky, it's not completely well. So the hard work is not well down, and then stumble obstacle seems painful, are also commonplace.

Thank you for these stores and these guys (and believe absolutely just thirteen stories Dryopteris corner), they are actually very ordinary, but those trivial matter of persistence and faith that will flow out of a landscape! The reason is that we live in Hualien.

All the people are so hard towards their ideal life forward.
As long as such a thought, I felt all day sunny vitality.

About the Author:
Liu Chongfeng

National Cheng Kung University Chinese graduate 34 year old girl, like climbing out to sea. Follow land identification and education of youth travel.

Love writing, text common newspaper supplement, published a "Listen, the story Cantabile."

Hualien live for many years, by the end of 2015 moved back to Kaohsiung Mino, want to live like a mountain calming.

table of Contents
Recommended paper 1-
Hualien with life thinking these guys / Qiu a new (travel writer) 6
Recommended paper 2-
Speed determines the temperature / Chen Wenling (Professor X and the Department of National Chengchi University's College of total advertising supervisor) 8
Recommended paper 3-
/ M Force 10
The authors say - warm circle 12
Walking map 14

Part I. Walking Street - Linsen Road, Ming Lai Road, Shuren Street

1 of her life - time 193,918 second-hand bookshop + time
2 design is a social movement - the island school 26
3 prior to survive, have life - fruit baked snack shop Carpenter 31 34
4 a light and bright film - Giocare coffee 42

. Part II lively circle - Zhonghua Road, fraternity Street, Chung Hau Street
5 Is there a possibility - nest Poly 52
6 The first brave - choco choco 60
7 Now is the happiest time - time Kodate 68 mining law
8 concentrate, do one thing well - ingenuity canteen 76

Part III life point - (Royalton area) Zhongxing Road, National Road
9 source - sister coffee card 84
10 went to the map outside - Dear Diary ‧ life studio 92

Part IV Road smallholders - Fujian Street, Chongqing Road, papaya Creek
Temperature of 11 to survive _ good set 102
12 is not so good things _ healthy grass farm 110
13 love to sow farm photosynthesis ── 118

Plus Ying - Other features shops within walking map About 126

brand introduction

Sometimes writing studio Happywriter

2014 establishment of the "sometimes writing studio," hope that the publication "Everyone can tell a story," works.

Such publishing idea, derived from a BD farming Hualien farmers, he said wanted to "live like a tree."
He said that after the trees thrive, birds butterfly tree insect needs nourishment, it will naturally close, form a rich and diverse small ecosystem. He does not need to grow and learn from others loudly preached the truth of life, just quietly do the farmer's work, things will happen.

"Sometimes writing" also quietly doing editing work, the story of the power of the president himself.
We will be with the seasons, with magazines, small books, postcards, etc., a variety of patterns, grow "good story" to share with you Oh!

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Made in Taiwan


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