Lovely Home Strap - Pink(handmade,gift,strap,colored glaze,burma jade,Tibetan silver)

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1 - 3 วัน
Lovely Home Strap - Pink(handmade,gift,strap,colored glaze,burma jade,Tibetan silver)


/ Product Descriptions And Stories /
Retro, ladies, cute and charming, for all the beauty of women.★ mobile phone strap / General strap ★

/ Concessions /
Welcome attention to the Ying Yuan's "Latest News" to know whether the latest promotions!

/ Production Period /
1.Working days: 1-2 days.
2.Production process:combination of hardware accessories→weaving lines and beaded jewelry→photography→description copywriting→translation→added to our catalog.

/ Dimensions, size /
1.**the decorative colored glaze bead :** about 9 ~ 10 mm(1)
2.**the natural Burma jade beads :** about 5 mm(2)
3.**the tibetan silver frosted of copper Bead :** about 3~4 mm(2)
4.**alloy torus spacer :** about 9 mm(2)
5.**alloy heart-shaped lodge :** about 19 mm(W) / 14 mm(L)
6.**alloy chair :** about 27 mm(W) / 21 mm(L)
7.**alloy wishing tree :** about 7 mm(W) / 19 mm(L) / 6~7 mm(H)
8.**alloy small water droplets :** about 2 mm(W) / 7 mm(L)(2)
9.**decorative beads - water droplets :** about 4 mm(1)
10.**the bell :** about 6 mm(3)
11.*the ancient silver stereoscopic love :* about 9~10 mm(W) / 13 mm(L) / 3~4 mm(T)
9.The total length of about 17cm

/ Materials /
1.Tibetan silver frosted of copper Bead
1.Natural Burma jade beads
3.Jewelry Line - red & pink : textile - synthetical fibers

/ Packaging /
the strap with a exquisite little paper bag packaging, if this paper bag of the section exhausted or out of stock, the original photo into a reference, the color of gift boxes actually mainly in kind, hereby inform.

/ Photography Introductions /
1.In-kind shooting
2.light Source : Natural Daylight / LED Light
3.The photographic equipment and computer monitors may affect the color showing.
Because Pinkoi Shop can only put five Pictures,so you can see more of this section bracelet in Ying Yuan's blog.
Q: Where's the Ying Yuan's blog?
A: "Shop Info" of ○瑩羱○(yingyuan).

/ About Jewelry Lines /
When braiding jewelry ropes knots usually using a lighter to pillow melting fixed in the end.

/ Jade Introductions /
According to technical analysis of modern, jade contains many trace elements beneficial to humans,such as zinc, magnesium, Fe, Cu, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc. Trace element content not necessarily the same for each of jade. Elements of the amount of its jade mine itself contains much will affect the color of jade pieces presented.
Natural jade ore with the original characteristics (such as: stone grain, impurities, clouds, sand holes, ribbons, potholes and other natural mineral defects),it is not flawed, if you're a perfectionist please do not buy, thank you.

/ Jade Characteristics /
1.The "Heavenly Creations" mentioned the jade is made by accepting essence of moonlight. Jade is the essence of heaven and earth unite the sun and the moon, may protection and ward off evil spirits.
2.Jade is able to gather positive magnetic field.
3.Each piece has a native jade texture and characteristics, you can discover the beauty of various-oriented!

/ Colored glaze beads Introductions /
Colored glaze beads need to go through more than thousands degree heat baked by hand.If it contains air bubbles inside that's a normal phenomenon.
Each bead color and texture of Colored glaze as shown, there is a slight difference in size.

/ Use & Maintenance /
1.Because it contains metal ornament, so please use when not wearing zipper bags sealed, avoid wet conditions.
2.Remind you that all gold or rose gold alloy parts are with time, climate, environment and other factors oxidation or fade. To protect the color can be coated with a layer transparent paint or nail polish on the metal parts.
3.** Remind you that the world will not fade or discolor the only metal is solid gold! The solid gold price is not cheap. **

/ Designer & Brand Profile /
1.○瑩羱○(yingyuan) living in Taiwan.
2.○瑩羱○(yingyuan) loves jade and crystal materials and liking hand-made jewelry.
3.More about ○瑩羱○(yingyuan), please searching the keyword "瑩羱" .
/ Sales Service /
1.For Free : Replace rope knots of "The strap" in 1 year.(**The buyer must pay for shipping back and forth.**)
2.Working Days : 1 - 3 days(excluding official holidays and national holidays).
3.** Accessories such as the crystal bubble & the flower underpinning & colored glaze beads & natural Burma jade beads are not replaced free of charge within the service **, hereby inform.

/ Origin /


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