[Un Jess Cadeau] Christmas limited edition fragrance x soy wax white Motif

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[Un Jess Cadeau] Christmas limited edition fragrance x soy wax white Motif


Christmas Motif paragraph fragrance
As they put on a new shape

Rich cinnamon
Occasional pine cones
Bright red fruit

In any place
Filled with the aroma of natural essential oils
Also filled with the smell of Christmas

Only a few non-mass-produced
Just want to leave a better Christmas

Aromatic be placed
Can also be placed in incense holder
And put a little water in the incense holder
Motif make fragrance floating on the water
And due to the bottom of the candle burning leaving water becomes hot
Motif fragrance is due to hot water
Slowly soluble in water and odoriferous
After the girl began to grow into beautiful flower fantasy
Like the fragrance of flowers
Like to spend all kinds
Natural pure romance
Have a solid idea of the natural
Floral palette

Often amazing gesture rich in flowers
Want to call it a natural posture presented
Accompanied in some corner of life
It's happy quenching chain a charming atmosphere
Joy of our lives

It became the best adaptation of a quote mood small recipe

I hope it can become
Small gift to give as gifts good mood
Un Jess Cadeau
● fragrance:
Fragrance Motif size: palm size
Custom orders are welcome after about 5-8 working days to ship

● Use:
Fragrance is scented wax in the presence of
Feel strong enough odor when
Please scented scratch the surface thinly with a knife
This fragrance will once again distribute Hello

● Soy Wax Soy Wax
Is a natural renewable resource
Is extracted from natural soybeans out
1992 by Michael Richards who seek natural, environmentally friendly
Beeswax materials may be substituted invented.

It is completely contained no general petrochemical wax toxins
Taiwan manufactured from soy refined vegetable waxes
Natural environment natural decomposition.

● non-toxic and environmentally friendly concept of pure natural ingredients
Complete combustion, carbon residue
Paraffin does not produce toxic gases, safe and environmentally friendly

● liquid wax can be used when using hand cream
Can use hand temperature friction Jasmine
It allows the skin to absorb the flavor
Moisturizing good degree of moisture

● fragrance chip can be placed in the room
Drawer or luggage can be paired with incense seat use

● rich in soy lecithin and isoflavones
Phospholipid may help repair damaged cell membranes, help
Normalization of cellular structure of organisms and ensure human Shin Chan
Metabolic smoothly. Soy isoflavones are natural Hal
Mongolia, with a tender skin whitening effect.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Hsinchu, Taiwan


ส่งจาก ไต้หวัน
ฮ่องกง (ชำระเงินเมื่อรับสินค้า)
มาเก๊า (ชำระเงินเมื่อรับสินค้า)
ญี่ปุ่น (ชำระเงินเมื่อรับสินค้า)
จีน (ชำระเงินเมื่อรับสินค้า)
สิงคโปร์ (ชำระเงินเมื่อรับสินค้า)

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